“Come Out, We’re Open”: Anuman Kitchen +Pub, an LGBT Safe Restaurant

The food industry in Kapitolyo is booming and restaurants open one right after the other. Anuman Kitchen + Pub is the newest addition to your long list of #KapitolyoEats.

Anuman Kitchen +Pub : An LGBT safe restaurant

“Come OUT; We’re Open” is Anuman’s tagline and they pride themselves of being an LGBT safe restaurant where our LGBT friends can come eat and not be judged about their sexual preferences. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will automatically see interesting artworks that represent what Anuman is all about.

Anuman Kitchen +Pub : An LGBT safe restaurant

The menu, on the other hand, varies from the best-selling Gambas to their juicy burger served with fries. Most of the entries in the menu are perfect for dinner or with beer.

Anuman Kitchen +Pub : An LGBT safe restaurantTipsy Beef (Not the Pig): Beef ShortRibs Red Wine Stew (Php 225)

This is one of the best beef stews I’ve had. The beef is very tender that it falls apart as soon as you bite into it. One order has a generous serving which you can share with a friend or, if you are really hungry, you might actually finish by yourself. It really is good; it can’t be helped but to ask for more. And yes, extra rice please.

Anuman Kitchen +Pub : An LGBT safe restaurantThe Gong-Gongs Rice: Bagoong Rice (Php 150)

If you want to put on some extra pound, check out this part of the menu. Stir fried in bagoong and topped with diced mangoes, the bagoong rice is actually a crowd favorite. It is perfect together with the sweet offerings in the menu like the Tipsy Beef.

Untitled4Ang Pinakamakisig na Sisig sa Balat ng Lupa: Barbeque Sisig (Php 188)

During the few times we visited Anuman, many of the customers were ordering the sisig; either with rice or with beer. The meat is very tender and has a sweet-salty flavor. Opposite from the many sisigs we have tried, this doesn’t have too much pig liver or lungs that many find too bitter.

Anuman Kitchen +Pub : An LGBT safe restaurantHot na Hipon: Spicy Aligue Gambas Served with Baguette (Php 250)

Tina, one of the owners of Anuman, suggested for us to try the Gambas. It is their favorite from the menu and something they always suggest to new customers especially if they fancy spicy food.

Untitled6Bagnet Labis kitang Mahal: Crispy Bagnet (Php 250)

The Crispy Bagnet can be ordered as a bar chow or with rice. If you are looking for a #PutokBatok adventure, this is definitely a must try. The pork is very tender, but the skin is crispy. It is served with bagoong paste and vinegar.

You might want to keep an eye on your blood pressure especially if you would want to eat the Aligue Gambas, Sisig, and Bagnet all in one sitting. Aside from these, they also have wings, nachos, and a burger that you may want to try.


Anuman Kitchen+Pub

#16 Unit H, United Street, Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Mobile No. 0905 209 1207

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