Kapitolyo Foodtrip Series: Milky & Sunny, a Place for Breakfast and Happiness

When In Manila and searching for that place where breakfast and happiness is served, send yourself to that little cheery heaven in Kapitolyo called Milky & Sunny

First on our Kapitolyo Foodtrip Series is Milky & SunnyKapitolyo in Pasig is becoming a foodie favorite and I will be sharing with you the places you can try in the area. 🙂

Milky & Sunny is about comfort food with a whole lotta lovin. A little place tucked amongst the Kapitolyo establishments, your sight might miss Milky & Sunny as you go along East Capitol Drive but just be on a lookout for the white and torquoise facade and a bottle of milk with the words Milky & Sunny and you’re in for a pocketful of sunshine.



You will be welcomed by the words Milky & Sunny (literally) and this quaint birdcage with colorful paper ornaments on it. Milky & Sunny has this very homey but playful vibe.




They have a very simple menu but with a lot of breakfast choices which you can enjoy all day. And they even have Unlimited Cereal! That’s something I need to try next time. 



Milky and Sunny has a very laid back and cozy ambiance and is a great place to hang out and have good food, relax and just have a great time! Also best for spending a brunch with friends or take a break from your morning habit of having breakfast at home with the family, why not bring them to Milky & Sunny instead?



The sun rays beaming on your face as you take your first bite of breakfast and makes you feel right at home. A bunch of flowers would make it a perfect breakfast scene.


Breakfast goodness overload!


Bacon and Spam Pasta (Php180) – A very creamy and cheesy pasta dish with Bacon and Spam! This was a good start and also my favorite! The meaty bacon goodness (you can’t go wrong with bacon!), the saltiness of the spam and the cheesy sauce, it was a treat to my taste buds! 


Tuna Spring Rolls (Php160)


Sunny Sardines Pasta (P520, for 3-4 persons) – It was my first time to try Sardines Pasta and I liked it! Best with lotsa Mozzarella cheese!


Banana Kingkong French Toast (Php130) – I would roar on top of Empire State for this! I really loved their banana french toast that I can have it all day!


Breakfast Big Plate (Php250) – You can choose from Bacon, Hotdog, Sausage, Spam or Corned Beef + Toast or Bagel + Sunny Side Up or Scrambled Eggs and hash potatoes included. Big breakfast indeed! 


Rice and Egg Tapa Meal (Php160) – My friend D liked this so much, no wonder it is one of Milky & Sunny’s bestsellers.


Now brace yourselves for this!

Is it making you drool already?


Strawberry Cream Cheese Pancakes (Php140) – Strawberries and cream cheese sandwiched in soft, fluffy pancakes topped with butter and sweet syrup with orange slices on the side. YUM! You just have to try this one! 


Now let’s wander around Milky & Sunny and let me show you their very cute wall installations! 


Sunshines, Rainbows, Love! And indeed, EAT!!



Everybody’s welcome to Milky & Sunny!


I believe this is Milky and Sunny. 🙂


The whole wall art! I just love the frames and mirrors!


What time is it? Time for some Milky & Sunny!


They also offer big servings which are perfect for potlucks!


What also makes Milky & Sunny interesting are the paintings and other art installations that grace its walls. Sir Bernard told us that the paintings change regularly and the good news is that you can buy them and put them on your own homes.


As you can see, the house is full! 


Me and some of my SuperFriends with Sir Bernard. Don’t miss having a photo here or on their art wall!



By the end of our meal, we were contemplating on why Milky & Sunny is called such. We made speculations about breakfasts and mornings and ended up asking the owner, Sir Bernard Decloedt — he said Milky is for childhood nostalgia, that warm milk that sends comfort and reminiscent of colorful and playful young days. And Sunny is for the vibrant and happy disposition that they want to radiate. I believe Milky & Sunny lived to its name’s origin. We had so much fun exchanging stories and laughs and having a good time and good breakfast food (at lunch time)! I’ll go back to Milky & Sunny and give myself more pancakes, french toasts and bacon and spam pasta!


When In Manila, share the love and sunshine and dine at Milky & Sunny! And bring your family and friends too!




Milky & Sunny

9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig

(632) 654-2049

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Open from 7AM to 10PM Daily




Kapitolyo Foodtrip Series: Milky & Sunny, a Place for Breakfast and Happiness




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