College Life As Told By Memes

Article by Ayie Licsi

College students are always faced with stress due to their day-to-day academics. It’s a wonder how they’re still so active on social media tweeting and sharing posts and pictures. College isn’t all the hell that people say it is, though. It has its good moments, too. There are things that you experience all thanks to your college life. However, there are those moments that will also haunt you forever.

Like when you got your first failed grade.

meme 1

It might have stung a lot at first; but as time passed by, you started to care less about your number of failures. In fact, you became even more determined to finish college, even if it meant not finishing when you planned to.

meme 2
And like when you treated a coffee shop as your home. For some reason, many people are more focused when they’re studying out with a good ol’ cup of joe. Your house can sometimes be too cozy and turn into a distraction, especially when it feels like your bed is calling out to you to take a break every five minutes, and social media won’t stop tugging at you to answer messages.

Coffee is one of the main staples of any college student. Even those who weren’t coffee drinkers probably began to start drinking the blessed drink from heaven because they needed to pull an all-nighter for a paper. There are other alternatives to coffee, too. Some students go for energy drinks and tea, which can help wake you up, too.

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(Check out these 20 REALLY GOOD Coffee Shops to find the perfect spot for that perfect cup.)

Studying can be gruesome, especially when it’s for major subjects and the exams all fall on the same day. In college, you’ll be skipping classes to accomplish your requirements for your other subjects. It takes a toll on you. I don’t know how college students do it.

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Multitasking and knowing your priorities are essential to surviving college. You’ll fall apart if you don’t learn to manage your time and energy.

College students have learned to love sleep, cherish it, and never let it go. A one-hour nap can go a long way for some people. Even though we can choose our schedules, some morning classes simply can’t be avoided. Actually, even if your class starts at noon, you might still feel like you haven’t had enough sleep because you’re too busy juggling “acads” and your social life.

Your health is still important, so sleep and rest.

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There are a lot of other firsts that you experience in college. There are the people you meet, the blockmates and classmates who become your study buddies and who you party with a lot, and the terror professor you hate and the chill prof you love.

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meme 7

When people ask you how you’re doing, this is how you answer, “I’m okay,” in a squeaky voice, not knowing whether you really are okay or not.

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It’s gonna be one heck of a ride, though. It will all be worth it when you get that diploma.

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College pales in comparison to the horrors of the real world. Don’t worry, college will toughen you up for it. Whatever you’re going through, know there’s a meme for that on the Internet somewhere made by another student who’s going through the same thing.


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