Cinq Dessert Boutique: Great for Anyone’s Sweet Cravings

Who else here likes sweets? Because I am a sucker for them! Even people on a diet don’t hate dessert. May it be a chocolate bite or a scoop of ice cream, every person likes to indulge and satisfy their sugar tooth once in while…or it may even be a daily habit for you. No judgement here.

Chef Angela Villoria, who was initially an Interior Designer, but went after her passion for baking by going to a culinary school in Manila and France before training in the US. She is the whiz behind Cinq Dessert Boutique, a French-inspired dessert haven in Makati.

Cinq (12)

An array of delicious goodies!

I must admit: I didn’t have enough sleep the night before I visited Cinq. When we finally arrived at the shop, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Eyes widening and almost running to the display case…I felt like a child again! Here are 3 motivating reasons why I’ll definitely go back to Cinq Desserts Boutique.

3 Motivating Reasons to Indulge at Cinq Desserts Boutique

3.  The desserts are baked from scratch.

Cinq (pronounced as sangk) means five (5) in French and exemplifies the five essential ingredients in baking: flour, eggs, sugar, milk/cream and butter. This is where the name of the shop came from.

Cinq (1)

Lexi Exotique – made from cheesecake mousse with mango and passion fruit

Chef Angela also uses local and imported ingredients–eggs from Batangas, milk/cream from France and chocolate from Belgium, just to name a few. Rest assured that Chef bakes her remarkable desserts fresh.

Cinq (4)

One of their bestsellers, Ligaya, made from dayap (lime) tart giving it an ‘asim’ taste

Cinq (11)

Alessandra, Chef Angela’s version of the Tiramisu

2. Cinq offers exceptional dessert creations.

All of Cinq’s desserts are made by Chef Angela with love. From the right combination of flavors down to the very inviting presentations of the dishes, everything has been meticulously thought out. For the first time in my life, I honestly didn’t even want to taste the cakes; I just wanted to look at them and admire her sweet creations.

Meet the Aurore, a chocolate tart with macadamias and caramel. A bestseller and a personal favorite. I almost died when I tasted this. Perfectly balanced and you really know di ka tinipid sa ingredients!

Cinq (2)

Here’s the Pascale, a combination of chocolate and orange mousse cake. It’s sooo shiny, you can almost see the reflection of my photographer in it!

Cinq (5)

A combination of rose and pomelo mousse cake, below is the Rose. One of the newest creations of Chef Angela.

Cinq (8)

We were actually able to try a lot of other cakes. I just don’t want to look like I am already quoting the whole menu! This is just a peek of what you can taste at Cinq Dessert Boutique.

1. Cinq isn’t all about sweets.

If not a fan or naumay ka na with all those delectable desserts, the shop also offers other variety of pastries, such as breadsticks, cookies, sea salts, croissants and other baked breads.

Cinq (19)

Their breadsticks come in queso de bola, malunggay, almonds and garlic flavors.

I never thought food could make me feel so excited. I will definitely have another couple (or five more) slices. And after tasting what they have to offer, I will definitely be back with an army of friends and family no less! Diet be gone. Damay-damay to! Haha.

Cinq Dessert Boutique

G/F CEO Flats, Canopus cor. Jupiter Street, Makati

FB: Cinq Dessert Boutique

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