Cinderella Shows the Magic of Love in New Movie

Cinderella Shows the Magic of Love in New Movie

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If you would ask me a word that perfectly describes the Cinderella movie, it would be “magical”.

There’s just no other way to put it. The film was a big visual feast- the exciting camerawork, the  incredible graphics, the breathtaking colors used in each scene- everything was so enchanting and artful, it was hard to look away. The director Kenneth Branagh did a fantastic job on this live- action remake. There’s no doubt about the amount of work and level of craftsmanship that had been put in this movie. Needless to say, the team behind Cinderella’s visual effects deserves a standing ovation and maybe even an Academy Award


The tale best known for its Happily Ever After, Cinderella, played by the lovely Lily James, is the story of a girl (originally named Ella) who once lived a happy and contented life with her parents. Everyone loved them. Everything was perfect. 

But as all legendary stories go, everything good gets taken away and worst case scenarios happen. Cinderella suddenly loses her mother, then before she loses her father, a stepmother and two half- wits of stepsisters come into picture. And this is where the story gets better because Cate Blanchett comes in and throws shade at everyone.


Cinderella‘s determination to be kind and brave is tested as her stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella and stepmother Lady Tremaine emotionally and physically torment her with their endless orders and teasing. Then one fated afternoon she decides to cool her head off by riding her horse onto the edge of the forest, kind of like how some people take late night drives to relax. And there, she meets a captivating stranger aka Prince Charming played by a clean- cut Richard Madden.


I have to say, the chemistry between the two was so palpable that I could feel it as I watched. They looked so natural together and it was like they weren’t even trying! Fast-forward to the ball, her kooky Fairy Godmother, played by the talented Helena Bonham Carter, helps her get ready. Her transformation is probably the most magical scene out of the movie and that’s saying something. The way Cinderella spins around as the dress magically and slowly materializes over her and fits her perfectly. It was breathtaking.


The two then meet at the ball and suddenly you get the whole point of the movie; it is about them. It isn’t about the glass shoes (which is the shiniest, most amazing pair you will ever see in your life by the way) or her magical transformation, it was about their love for each other. 

Then the clock strikes twelve and the rest, as they say, is history.


It’s pretty much impossible to spoil anyone with this movie because the story is so well known (like Titanic) but you have to see for yourself just how emotionally touching and beautifully made this movie was. We all know the story but that doesn’t stop us from watching it over and over again. The great thing about this movie is that it makes you feel like you’re seeing it for the first time. 


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