Chroma University: The Grandest University Gathering in the Metro

STRIX Inc. is set once again to hype up the whole Metro Manila with their latest event that would surely make your academic year the most epic one. Coming this October, is the CHROMA UNIVERSITY MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Chroma University Music Festival Party

Classes in most colleges and universities have already started and in-lined with it is the idea of students being loaded with lots of school works and activities. And we all know that every school year, pre-semester breaks are the most stressful ones, so we’ve got to hand it to Chroma University for offering a day-long diversion to help students celebrate the last days of their classes. It has always been a tradition for us, STRIX Inc., to give everyone that kind of excitement by introducing you a full blown, off-campus extravaganza. While for some, Chroma University will be most likely going to be their Alumni homecoming party and for the new freshmen, a congratulatory and welcome party in the university life.

What is the event all about, some of you might ask, CHROMA UNIVERSITY or CHROMA U in short, is a one-day smorgasbord of DIFFERENT GENRES OF ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC with a whole lot of NEW and FUN ACTIVITIES that makes it the biggest university fair or rather THE GRANDEST UNIVERSITY GATHERING IN THE METRO. We’ve already hinted you with an INTERNATIONAL ARTIST and 16 TOP LOCAL DJs to perform on OCTOBER 22, 2016 at the MALL OF ASIA CONCERT GROUNDS. And now that the hype is on, we are more than excited to reveal more surprises in the making. It is indeed that this new event is set to be as eclectic as the last event.

Chroma University promises one thing: AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. No one knows exactly what you’re in for, but whatever it is, IT WILL BE EPIC. So don’t get left behind, tickets are available in all SM Ticket outlets nationwide.

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