Chips ‘n Tub Salted Egg Potato Chips: Your Movie Night Best Friend

Chips N Tub

Salted egg and potato chips – just one of the few food combinations that should be so wrong; but will blow your mind once you try it. How could two things so far off the food spectrum taste so good?A food fad in Singapore, salted egg potato chips have finally made their way to Manila.

Chips N Tub

I’ve been enjoying Chips ‘n Tub Salted Egg Potato Chips for the past two weeks now, thinking of multiple ways to enjoy this treat. The assignment was quite tough since, unlike restaurant reviews, there are many things about the experience you can write about. Sometimes, though, the simple things are the best: beer. Chips ‘n Tub Salted Egg Potato Chips are best enjoyed with cold, cold beer during movie nights!

Chips N Tub

The combination of the creamy salted egg yolk, and the mild spiciness of fried chili combined with the sweet and crispy potato chip are something best experienced rather than read about. A tub of Chips ‘n Tub Salted Egg Potato Chips and cold beer on a movie night is probably my favorite way to chill these weekends. Too bad my dad couldn’t stop eating them, either. Clearly, 5 tubs for only Php250 a pop is hardly enough! Be warned, though: it is so addictive, you might not even want to share them!

So, which beer goes best with them? Here is a list of local craft beers that you might want to try: Enjoy the Best of Local Craft Beer with Craftpoint Brew

Chips ‘n Tub Salted Egg Potato Chips


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