Chinese Jollibee? – Filipino Finds Fake “Jellibee” in China

While traveling to a remote province in China, a Filipino was caught by surprise as he saw a familiar looking Filipino fast food sign….. with a twist.

Dennis T. sent us a photo of “Jellibee” – a sign that had the exact logo of the iconic Jollibee Bee, but with the name spelled wrong.



At Jellibee you can order “Chicken Happy” or “Palabak” 

The photos were taken in Yinchuan City, Ningxia province Wanda Mall in China. According to the photographer, this was in the “middle of nowhere,” near inner Mongolia.

At first, one might speculate that China is ripping off a Filipino brand and that this very funny version of Jollibee might have with it some funny menu items like “Chicken Happy” or the famous “Palabak” as part of the menu.

Though it turns out, “Jellibee” was really nothing more than absolute random signage used as fillers.

Dennis says that random filler signs like these are common there, as he saw many other signs with like Prada spelled as “Parda” and Puma spelled as “Pums” but with the exact logos as well.  So this “Jellibee” sign was probably just random signage, and that a fake (or real) Jollibee store was unlikely being built there.

Our source also tells us that these were filler signs on an empty space for rent, next to a real KFC at the mall.

We’re unsure why they couldn’t just use blank signs as fillers.

Though it would be funny to think of what fake menu items a fake “Jellibee” would have…..

What fake menu items do you think you’ll see at a bootleg, China Jollibee? Comment below!