Chef Mong’s Boneless Lechon: Tastiest Lechon from Mindanao

When traveling anywhere around the world, you always look for the best eats. In the Philippines, I always look out for the best lechon in whatever province I am in because I’ve discovered that different provinces have different ways of preparing their lechon. And while Cebu may hold the title of having the best lechon in the country, I seriously think I found their best contender — meet Chef Mong’s Boneless Lechon. The tastiest Boneless Lechon from Mindanao.





Chef Mong’s Boneless Lechon is from Butuan City. They have only been in the business of selling boneless lechon for only 3 years and yet because of it’s popularity among the locals who have introduced it to friends and family, it continues to be sought after by clients even as far as Manila.


I recently had a strong craving for lechon and finally decided to try what the locals have been raving about. I called Chef Mong’s and ordered 3 kilos of their boneless lechon. When you call or text, they will tell you the weight of the pork that they have available and every kilo will cost you 439 pesos only. I ordered the pork belly that weighted a little over 3 kilos.






You can order Chef Mong’s boneless lechon at least 6 hours before you’ll be serving it and you can pick it up at their counter in Rosales street in Butuan City. When I took my first bite, I could not believe how good it was!! See, I love Butuan lechon, I think it’s one of the best here in the Philippines but my only problem with it is that the belly is the best part and it goes fast because everyone tries to get that part and then you’re left with the rest of the parts that just won’t be as tasty as the belly. With Chef Mong’s boneless lechon, every part is flavorful! Every part is juicy, tasty and insanely delicious. People who have tried this have all become instant fans and because of it’s rich flavor, even big names (even the President of the Philippines himself!) have ordered this from all parts of the Philippines. Chef Mong’s Boneless Lechon goes fast so make sure you order and reserve yours real early. You may also choose between the original flavor or the spicy one.


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Because of Chef Mong’s growing popularity, they have decided to open branches in Cagayan de Oro and also in Kalibo. Chef Mong’s Kalibo has more on their menu just because they already have a walk in and dine in restaurant which hopefully, Butuan will also have real soon especially because this is where Chef Mong hails from. Chef Mong’s Kalibo menu includes Lechon Cheese Burger, Lechon Bicol Express, Lechon Sisig, Lechon Pansit and more. For those of you who would like to order, especially with the Holidays drawing in and you’ve got reunions and parties to attend, you can impress your family and friends by bringing a few kilos of Chef Mong’s Boneless Lechon. For those outside Butuan, you may place your orders and pick up your order of Boneless Lechon from the airport.


So When in Manila or really, in any part of the Philippines that’s accessible by airport, and you plan on having or attending a party with friends and family, call Chef Mong’s and make sure you get to bring this boneless lechon to your party and I am sure people will love and appreciate your effort of bringing the best and tastiest lechon right at their doorstep!





Chef Mong’s Butuan

To order: 09176348669



When in Butuan, don’t forget to check out what else is in the area!





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