Cell Phone Found in Taxi: Seeking Owner

Cell Phone Found in Taxi: Seeking Owner 

Our faith in humanity has been restored again! 

A kind soul, by the name of Andy Hagos, has contacted us with photos of a phone he found in a taxi cab. 

They can’t use the phone to call anyone on it due to the security lock, so instead they’re trying to reach out and find the owner of this. 

If you are the owner and can prove your ownership of this phone, please contact us so we may put you in touch with Andy. 

Glad there are still people out there like you Andy! #faithinhumanityrestored 

Please share so we can find the owner. 

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Lost-Cellphone-Mobile-Phone-Samsung-Taxi-Cab-Missing-Cell-Phones-WhenInManila 4 Lost-Cellphone-Mobile-Phone-Samsung-Taxi-Cab-Missing-Cell-Phones-WhenInManila


UPDATE: Owner found!!! Andy will be meeting up with her and giving the phone. 


Cell Phone Found in Taxi: Seeking Owner

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