Celebrities Play the Hardest Guessing Game to #SaveSexy

Celebrities Play the Hardest Guessing Game to #SaveSexy

Celebrities Play the Hardest Guessing Game to #SaveSexy


For many years now, photographer Niccolo Cosme has spearheaded The Red Whistle Campaign, a collaborative platform for artists, individuals, and groups to empower and inspire people to fight HIV. In the Philippines, HIV infections are quickly rising. And those are just the documented ones. Because of our lack of awareness and misunderstanding, fear and stigma are the natural reactions when hearing about it.

The Red Whistle aims to change this mindset by using pop culture to reach more people and join the cause. Their goal is to start a discussion among the youth to sound the alarm and spread the word to stop AIDS. Part of their agenda is free testing, counseling, and financial support to those who have it.

One of the group’s most popular activities is the Project Headshot Clinic, where they invite celebrities and influentials to have their photo taken by the acclaimed photographer to spread the cause. This year, they have invited the same celebrities to participate. But there’s one thing different.

Celebrities Play the Hardest Guessing Game to #SaveSexy 2

This year, they asked celebrities and influentials to join a guessing game. The catch? If they don’t guess the phrase, they will get slapped. Hard. The phrase was “HIV status,” and it was selected because “You could have actually guessed the words, but you can’t really guess your HIV status. That’s why we think everyone should get tested.”

Some of the celebrities who participated were momager Pia Magalona, Miss International Bea Rose Santiago, model and DJ Karen Bordador, Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Myrza Sison, and model Brent Javier. None of them correctly guessed the phrase, and it was hilarious seeing them slapped.

Watch the full video below:

World AIDS Day

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Celebrities Play the Hardest Guessing Game to #SaveSexy

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