Canyon Cove at Nasugbu, Batangas: Take Your Car Keys and Drive Away to a Vacation You Deserve


Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort at Nasugbu, Batangas 


When In Manila, where the daily commute to McKinley and back is more than enough to suck the life out of any free-spirited being, the blue memories of the open sea and the fine sand beneath my feet are what keeps me sane and thriving. There’s something about where the land meets the sea that makes me genuinely happy. (I believe Brandon Boyd shares a similar sentiment.) The beach is my great escape.


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The sand, the sea, and my fiance are three things that make me smile.


My most recent memory comes in the form of a long stretch of sand guarded by two towering cliffs. A little beyond the shore is a rocky shoal, and beyond that is the Great Blue. Along the vast shores of Nasugbu, Batangas is Canyon Cove, a residential beach resort that marries two of my favorite things: nature and luxury.


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Welcome to Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort.


A Pool Beside the Sea


DSC 02621

Your choice: The pool, the sea, or both?


Nothing spells luxury more than constructing a vast, three-segment warm pool by the beach head. Let’s be honest here: It’s rather redundant. If the beach was rough or steep, I’d still consider. But neither is the case for Canyon Cove. They have one of the finest sand beneath the water (and in Nasugbu, that says a lot) and my feet can still touch the grainy floor meters and meters from the shore.


DSC 02741


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Water sports like skiing and canoeing are available for the more adventurous.


Bringing along my five-month-old nephew to Canyon Cove made a little more sense to this puzzling fact. Canyon Cove’s pool is divided into three parts, a 1-ft baby pool, a 3-ft children’s pool, and a 5-ft adult pool (or whoever-wants-to-feel-like-an-adult pool). It’s also constantly warm, so it is a welcome respite for those who wish to swim but find the open water a bit chilly. And of course, there are those who fear the waves and the open water altogether (which brings us back to the irony of things: If one is afraid of the open water, why vacation by the beach in the first place?).


DSC 0247


With his trusty rocket ship float, my nephew (unknowingly) braved the beach and the sea nonetheless. And while a large part of my job (as a professor and a blogger) entails making sense of things, I think I’ll stick with the simple and convenient truth that having a large pool beside the wide-open sea is extravagant and gorgeous. I felt spoiled and pampered as I sat on a lounge by the pool, breathed the salty air, and took in the view of the pool and the sea. 


DSC 0259

 “To infinity and beyond!”


DSC 02821

“And in this moment I am happy…”

Staying at Canyon Cove


DSC 02731


Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort has 217 tropical rooms. The wood is warm and lovely. The balcony offers a great view of the cove. Sinking into the queen-sized bed of our junior suite room and waking up eight hours later was the perfect cap off to a day of swimming in the beach, then the pool, and then the beach once again.


DSC 03001

A room with a view at Canyon Cove.


DSC 0260

Here’s the view from our balcony. Nice, huh?


DSC 0271

I loved the bed … and apparently, so did my nephew!


Guests at Canyon Cove have two options for their meals. The Island Cafe serves buffet breakfast and lunch and a la carte dinner while the poolside grill indulges guests with grilled meats and seafood. Guests aren’t allowed to bring in and cook their own food. Then again, if you’re intention is some R&R, I presume cooking isn’t something you’d want to bother with in the first place.


DSC 02721


DSC 0266

The poolside grill: Complete with your porkchop-basting, cellphone-calling chef! (I’m sorry, I just had to.)


Canyon Cove also has a bar, an indoor game area, and a gift shop that reminds me of the stores that sell beachwear along Boracay’s long beach.


DSC 0264


Social and Corporate Functions at Canyon Cove


Like its sister resort Canyon Woods Tagaytay, Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort is not only a place for leisure and relaxation, but an equally apt venue for social and corporate functions. Their main banquet hall can accommodate about 250 guests for weddings, debuts, trainings, and workshops. Multiple function rooms are also available for smaller groups. Finally, at the top floor of Canyon Cove is the pimp executive lounge – complete with its own dining area and a front desk – that is ideal for top-level corporate meetings.


DSC 0252


DSC 0255

The Executive Lounge @ Canyon Cove


DSC 0253

Feeling like a boss… a VERY SEXY boss!


When In Manila, driving South to Nasugbu, Batangas leads you to a private, undisturbed cove. You don’t have to fly away from the metro to escape the urban noise. Just take your car keys, turn on the engine, and drive to Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort.


Canyon Cove Beach Resort

Far East Road, Piloto, Wawa

Nasugbu, Batangas

For reservations, call:

840 2204; 840 2365; 840 2327


Canyon Cove at Nasugbu, Batangas: Take Your Car Keys and Drive Away to a Vacation You Deserve