Cancer Warrior Prepares To Fight The Big C For A Second Time And We Can Help Her

Victoria Rey M. Apale is a fearless cancer warrior who has already fought and lived through the disease a first time. She was in remission for her primary cancer, Endometrial Cancer, for some time before receiving the news that it had spread to her liver. It was only last April 2019 when she learned her cancer had metastasized and she would have to undergo another round of chemotherapy for having LCM – Liver Cancer Metastases.

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In spite of all her hardships and struggles, she continues to keep her strength in the face of cancer. She shares with us: “I am not giving up yet. Cancer had started the fight but I will finish it. I also rely on God for the strength He has given me.” Victoria has even chosen to focus on things which motivate and fuel her fight, like appreciating how cancer taught her to love herself more.

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One lesson that she shares from her ordeal was to “choose to live life with every chance that you have.” Which is exactly why she is continuing her battle even in the face of all the complications. The largest one which we can help solve is the financial strain of her chemotherapy and medication. Victoria is currently carrying out several different fundraising activities for her treatment.

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She implores: “We are selling Fundraising Items for a Cause for my chemotherapy and medications. We also have a Tattoo for a Cause and Photoshoot for a Cause for the same purpose. Please give me a chance to win my life back by sharing my Fundraisers.” You may support her by visiting this page to check out the different ways to help:

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