INSPIRING: Cancer Survivor And Single Mom Perseveres To Pass Architecture Board Exams

“It’s never too late to reach our dreams.”

With the results of the recent architecture licensure examination now released, many of us all over the nation celebrate with our new architects. Every name on that list has a story to tell, and many of these have the power to inspire and bring hope to struggling people. Take, for example, the story of Hannah Gayle Salarda.

Hannah went viral on social media after posting a photo of her along with the amazing story of her college life.

hannah salardaPhoto from Hannah Salarda

She was still in college studying architecture in UP Mindanao when she got pregnant. She may have been 23 years old at the time, but she still wasn’t done with school. So, Hannah decided to continue, sharing how she went around the university enrolling and riding public motorcycles even when she was 7 months pregnant.

Hannah was 24 years old when she gave birth, describing it as the first time for her to hold a newborn baby. And at the same year, she finally graduated from college after 7 years in the university!

But wait, her story’s not over yet.

As a single mother at 25, Hannah was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She shares what a struggle it was everytime she had to go to chemotherapy, even celebrating her 26th birthday in the hospital. But after 6 cycles of chemotherapy, her laboratory results were great. 2 months after, she went on to review for the architecture licensure exam. And now, Hannah’s name is on that list of board passers.

She’s now an architect.

hannah salarda 2Photo from Hannah Salarda

There’s no question about how truly inspiring Hannah’s story is. If anything, it’s the perfect example of real perseverance and never giving up no matter what challenge life throws at us.

Hannah admits that there were times that she felt so down and found herself constantly thinking about death, especially when she was diagnosed with cancer. But she shares that because of her son, she was able to fight and press on despite all the challenges.

She adds in her post:

If God is in us, who can be against us? Thank you for the grace, guidance and leading me to the path you want me to take Lord. Glory be to God in the Highest!

What truly amazed me about Hannah was how positive and hopeful she talked about all her circumstances.

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I’m sure that a lot of people, when faced with all those struggles (being a single mom in college and being diagnosed with cancer within a few short years), would lose all hope. Yet Hannah showed how it was possible to keep the faith and to keep fighting.

Check out her complete post here:

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