Can You Believe It? These Trendy Bags Are Actually Made From Upcycled Materials!

Article by: Michaela Acero

Are you looking for a new accessory to spice up your regular outfits? Check out these stylish, upcycled bags that has just arrived in Manila!

Freitag is a Swiss brand that you can currently find at the Spectre Manila pop-up store in Bonifacio High Street. Other than being a brand that creates super stylish bags, laptop sleeves, and wallets, they’re also dedicated to repurposing old materials. Yes. Freitag bags are upcycled!

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Just a few Freitag pieces in green.

The Leland is good for anywhere and anything!

The Austen adds a pop of color to any outfit

Freitag bags are made out of old truck tarpaulins (aka truck covers). Various colorful truck tarps are gathered by the company, then made into different rugged yet clean-cut bags of various shapes and sizes. Hooray for sustainable fashion!

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Freitag’s laptop sleeves and folders. Found at the Spectre pop-up store in Bonifacio High Street

Since they are made out of tarpaulin, Freitag bags are extremely durable and water-resistant. And don’t let the size of these bags fool you… they’re also easily foldable! 

These pouches and laptop sleeves can hold many things, and can also be folded and carried around.

With many colors and styles to choose from, Freitag bags are great gifts for friends, family, and even for yourself. Whether you’re a big fan of pops of color or of more subdued tones, you’ll surely be able to find something suited to your taste in the various choices laid out for you in Spectre’s expansive Freitag display.

The colorful cabinet of Freitag bags!

Each bag is available in various other colors.

The Woolf is the perfect small-yet-not-too-small backpack

You also get to make your own complimentary classy bag tag upon buying a bag of your own. Environmentally friendly AND very chic? What more could you want?

Their bag-tag-making station is set up right in the front of the store.

Check Freitag out at the Spectre pop-up shop in BGC. Read more here: LOOK: This Pop-Up Shop in BGC is for All the Gents Out There


Spectre Manila Pop-up Store, B8, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
Open from 10AM to 8PM
Instagram: @spectremnl


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