This Blogger Sells Locally Made Eco-Friendly Bags and Swimwear

Article by Jesh Orquina

In this age of technology, blogging is hardly anything new. Anyone who has an Internet connection and a computer can easily become a blogger. Given this, it can be quite challenging to stand out from the crowd. Style blogger Yuki Tansengco successfully rises above this by being both a blogger and a fashion entrepreneur.

Yuki poses with her bag

Yuki poses with one of her bags

Yuki Tansengco is the owner of Style Cat, a local business that produces products made by “our very own skilled artisans using renewable materials AND quality bags and swimwear for the long run.” All bags are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans from Bicol who have become masters of different weaving techniques that have been passed down from one generation to another.

Yuki with artisan

Yuki Tansengco with one of the artisans from Bicol

These bags are made from the same material used for mats and baskets so they are definitely durable and perfect for traveling! Yuki makes sure to “test drive” all of her products before selling them online to guarantee each product’s durability.


An artisan during the bag-making process

Yuki makes sure that all the materials used are from the Philippines. She explains, “I love the idea of using locally sourced material such as raffia (palm leaves), abaca, bankuan (seagrass), and these bags woven and embroidered by our incredibly talented artisans.” By producing products that are 100% local, Yuki is able to empower the local communities by supporting proudly Pinoy products.

Materials used for Style Cat’s bags

“Style Cat is all about sustainable fashion,” she explains. Yuki makes sure that all her products are made with sustainable materials. Her passion for recycling and having “zero waste” started during a Manila Bay cleanup she participated in when she was still in high school. Tansengco recalls collecting so much trash that she made a mental note to do her part in being more environment-friendly.

Recycled Fabric Necklaces from Yuki Makes Things

Recycled Fabric Necklaces from “Yuki Makes Things”

During her college days, Yuki started a mini business called “Yuki Makes Things” where she sold upcycled (recycled but nicer) materials such as accessories made from soda caps and scrap fabric which she sold to her classmates in De La Salle University.

Yuki blogging on her laptop

Yuki Tansengco: Fashion Blogger

Yuki also started blogging while she was still in college. She focused on documenting her outfits, as well as the accessories that she made. Yuki noticed that what readers loved most about her outfits was that they were from ukay-ukay (second-hand pieces). Still staying true to her brand of being eco-friendly, she made sure to avoid fast fashion pieces, trendy wear-and-tear clothes that would only end up in a landfill. This is what ultimately inspired her to start her very own business.

Style cat bag

Shot of Style Cat’s bags during one of Yuki’s travels

Style Cat’s products are inspired by Yuki’s local and international travels. In fact, all of her bags are named after the world’s best tropical destinations such as Aruba, Calaguas (from the Philippines!), Santhiya, Port Douglas, and Uluwatu. By launching Style Cat, Yuki was able to merge her love for style, travel, and sustainable fashion in one brand. She describes Style Cat as “an eco-ethical line of locally made resort/wicker bags for equally adventurous curious cats.”

Yuki with her cat

Yuki Tansengco is a proud cat lady!

“The Style Cat is bold and never shy. She is a curious cat always on the hunt for new styles and new adventures. She is both a city and [an] island girl, just like the versatility of the bags. After all – its’s meow or never,” she adds.

Yuki with her bag for Style Cat

Yuki poses with one of her products

When asked about how she manages to balance being a blogger and an entrepreneur at the same time, Yuki says, “I feel that Style Cat and my personal blog actually complement each other.” Yuki’s blog has opened a lot of opportunities for her. By growing her network as a blogger, she is able to get the word out on her business quicker and with the help of her blogger friends.

Yuki and Nicholas

Yuki with her fiance and business partner, Nicholas

When it comes to managing Style Cat, Tansengco is partners with her fiance, Nicholas. Tansengco works on the creatives while her fiance handles the brand strategy and logistics. She says, “Just being able to work with all these talented people (the artisans, my team) makes it more fun instead of having a one-woman show.”

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Yuki Tansengco with her bags for Style Cat

When asked what advice she would give to someone who wants to start a business but has no experience, Tansengco says, “Just go for it! I have met so many people and their major fear is where to begin. Sometimes, you just have to start it to get one foot out the door. Sometimes, I scare myself that no one will buy my products; but I always think, ‘If I like it, someone out there will like it, too!'”

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“Be in a business for the right cause. It’s the key to a long brand life. Be sustainable, empower others, and create beautiful art,” she adds.

Style Cat launched in 2017 and is now selling in Haji Lane, Singapore. Looking for a new bag or swimsuit for your next adventure? You know where to shop. 😉

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