Tribu Sole Initiative: Upcycled Footwear

Isa Rodriguez and Jason Cruz


With all the environmental issues we’ve been facing, one wonders: When in Manila, how do I play my part in saving the environment?


Our question was answered that night when we found ourselves at Casa Nami, along Jupiter Street, Makati, for the Tribu Sole Initiative Upcycled Footwear Launch.






Cousins Jason and Renan Luengo came up with the brand Tribu in 1995. The result of their love for the outdoors, it all began when they started making handcrafted sandals for themselves– something they could use for their adventures. More than just a brand we are all familiar with, Tribu has also become a movement.








Tribu signifies an affinity. A group with shared interests, in this case, the outdoors.

The brand taps into this same love for nature as they introduce to us Tribu’s Sole initiative Upcycled Footwear.





More Tribu Upcycled Footwear available at the Tribu Website


The Upcycled Footwear sandals capitalizes on the principle of upcycling, the process of reusing discarded or trash materials into something else completely usable again. Upcycled Footwear is created from discarded rubber tires, which would otherwise join the 11 million discarded tires in the country. The Upcycled Footwear line is essentially crafted by hand, sacrificing neither form nor function.


Tribu Sole Initiative Upcycled Footwear





The night ended with us getting serenaded by Kalayo, a local band with a sound that’s uniquely Filipino.








Last Tuesday, at Casa Nami, was more than a product launch. It was a celebration of this success, a small part played in helping our planet. The Upcycled Footwear sandals by Tribu consume virtually no new raw materials or resources, greatly decreasing production wastage. When In Manila, be sure to do your part to help and grab a pair of these.







For more information on sustainable and eco-friendly practices, visit article co-author Jason Cruz’s blog






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