Camayan Beach Resort: Fun-filled activities to fill your vacation

When In Manila and seeking a vacation packed with tons of activities to fill your summer? Let Camayan Beach Resort sun-kiss your skin and keep you smiling under the summer sky!

Camayan Beach Resort 43

 Cute Camayan logo on the mosaic floor!


Camayan Beach Resort: Touring the Grounds

Just recently, I and some other When In Manila blogger friends were invited to come over to Camayan Beach Resort. To be honest, I have heard of the resort’s name from radio commercials quite a few times… Although my thoughts of Camayan Beach Resort was: “It’s just a simple resort that catered a pool on some extra amenities…”, I was still curious on how the resort really looks likeAnd so after our stay-cation there, I realized, I WAS DEAD WRONG.

Camayan Beach Resort 78

Camayan Beach Resort in Panoramic View


We set-off heading to the resort at around 11am and arrived roughly around 1pm with some stop-overs. Upon arriving, I already set sight on the beach and was surprised to see so many equipment for rent, I was then sure that this quick vacation was going to be fun and exciting!


 Camayan Beach Resort’s Beach Front


We were welcomed by Mrs. KC Simpson and escorted at the resort’s reception area. While waiting for our rooms to be ready, we didn’t waste any time and started touring the Camayan Beach Resort grounds.

Ocean Adventure 60

Welcome to Camayan Beach Resort!


We first headed around the restaurant that was by the beach side–The Reef. Some activities like the billiards table, the karaoke room and function rooms were virtually beside the restaurant, which I guess really ignited activities at night in this area. 


 Camayan Beach Resort’s The Reef



Karaoke Room: Well, I wanted to do some karaoke, but… maybe next time!


Camayan Beach Resort 23

Camayan Beach Resort: Function Room


Camayan Beach Resort houses 44 Superior Rooms, 38 Deluxe Rooms and 3 Spacious Suites. Breaching the rooms, I was astonished at how well-furnished each room was. I’ve been to a number of well known and expensive beach resorts, and I can say that Camayan Beach Resort might just be the most “bang for the buck” resort in the aspect of the rooms. Definitely well worth it!


Camayan Beach Resort Superior Rooms


Both Superior and Deluxe rooms had well ambient lighting that matched that wood/mustard reflection of the colors. The ceiling had good height and have wood weaving designs that gave the room a much bigger feel. I loved the rear balcony type doors and semi-outdoor lounge of each Deluxe Room. 


 Camayan Beach Resort Superior Room


Camayan Beach Resort 11

 When In Manila, Welcome to our Deluxe room! 


Camayan Beach Resort 54

 Our lovely balcony


I swear, even if I just stayed inside our room, I would definitely have proper relaxation to fulfill my vacation. Camayan Beach Resort also has their in-house SPA that can do room services with prior reservations. Or you can go to their SPA room and have yourself pampered there!

Camayan Beach Resort 19


Camayan Beach Resort 20

 Camayan Beach Resort SPA Room


I would really love to have myself pampered; but then, the beach was already calling out our names.

Touring the Camayan Beach Resort grounds, I really didn’t expect the place to be so clean and so relaxing. It has this aura that is very welcoming and very “cool & calm”. The resort really felt like how a “true” resort should feel, retaining its youthful sight and relaxing aura.

Camayan Beach Resort 76

Camayan Beach Resort grounds 


Camayan Beach Resort 68

 Balcony of the Deluxe Rooms facing the beach