Camayan Beach Resort: Fun-filled activities to fill your vacation


Come dinner time, we freshened up and took our seats back at The Reef Bar & Restaurant. We had a dinner set that comprised of Filipino dishes chosen by the head Chef of The Reef Bar & Restaurant. Out of everything that we had consumed that night, the dish that struck me the most was the pancit. I really loved how the meat had ample crisp that went well with the soft noodles. The flavor was also thick, which I really liked.

Camayan Beach Resort 63

 When In Manila at The Reef Bar and Restaurant


Camayan Beach Resort 64

 Buffalo Wings


Camayan Beach Resort 65

 All time favorite Kare Kare


Camayan Beach Resort 66

 Mixed Vegetables

Camyan Beach Resort 5

 Yummy Pansit


 Of course we didn’t miss our chance to have dessert! I ordered blueberry cheesecake while my other friends ordered banana split and other variations of ice creams! What a sweet way to end our day!


 The Reef Bar and Restaurant’s Blueberry Cheesecake


Activities mostly on Ocean Adventure were lined up on our second day, but before everything else, we made sure we first had our breakfast at The Reef Bar and Restaurant. We had a hearty buffet comprised of cereals, pancakes, omelettes and the usual breakfast staples.

Camayan Beach Resort 69

 Good morning Camayan!


After our buffet breakfast, we gave our tummies ample time to digest then went off to the beach again! This time to go kayaking and snorkeling!!! We didn’t waste any time on our last day at Camayan Beach Resort! We really had fun under the su

Camayan Beach Resort 42

Kayaks for Rent


Camayan BEach Resort1

When In Manila excited for kayaking!


Camayan BEach Resort2

 Definitely had fun!


Camayan Beach Resort 72

Group pic before we go snorkeling 🙂


Ocean Adventure 27

 When In Manila, let’s snorkel!


Overall, I can say that staying at Camayan Beach Resort is worth every penny. From the rooms that are well lit, well designed and well spaced to the generous activities you can do in and out of the beach, a stay-cation at Camayan Beach Resort will make you feel truly relaxed with no inhibitions at all! Plus the good food? What more can you ask for!