Camayan Beach Resort: Fun-filled activities to fill your vacation

Camayan Beach Resort: Fun Under the Sun

Of course we won’t be wasting any time—off to the beach, let’s go!

Camayan Beach Resort 77

Awesome beach front of Camayan Beach Resort!


The long stretch of the beach with an array of small mountain ranges in view gave a really relaxing site! We had ourselves situated almost in-front of The Reef, near the beach volleyball area. From far across the beach, water activities like kayaking  and windsurfing were evident; while near the shore were people sunbathing, snorkeling and battling out gladiator style with pillow mounted spears on a standee. Of course we had our own share of these activities as well! 


 Camayan Beach Front with people sunbathing


Camayan Beach Resort 51

 Sunbathing in the middle of the sea! Awesome!


Camayan Beach Resort 61



Camayan BEach Resort

At Camayan Beach Resort, we play gladiator style!


By around 4 in the afternoon, we had our snacks at The Reef. I had a good juicy burger and tried out their watermelon shake. I pretty much liked my burger.  Some more food we ordered were apple pie ala mode and banana con yelo. After our quick break, we went straight off the beach to swim and play some Frisbee. The timing was so right that the sun was not too hot anymore. 

Camayan Beach Resort 59

 Yummy Cheeseburger


Camayan Beach Resort 7


Watermelon Shake


camayan beach resort3

Banana Con Yelo


camayan beach resort4

 Apple Pie Ala Mode


Basically, we spent most of the afternoon until early nighttime swimming and bonding on the beach. It was such a pleasant time away from the daily cycle of life that time flew so quickly.