Calli Collective: The Local Fashion Brand For Timeless Everyday Pieces

For the ladies who face vastly different challenges every day (i.e. the raketera queens, the travel bees, or even the ones who work in exciting fast-paced industries), it might be a bit of a struggle to keep wardrobe options that work for all kinds of occasions. As someone who can go from casual errands to stylish events in a day, the struggle is real.

Fortunately, there are local brands like Calli Collective that create fashion pieces that are “thoughtfully designed for the modern Filipina.”

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Photo courtesy of Calli Collective

Calli Collective is a local fashion brand established in 2019 by a pair of best friends—Erika Chan and Kyra Co.

Erika and Kyra shared with that they share the same love for fashion and they’ve always wanted to start a clothing business together. So, they finally took the leap with Calli Collective.

We started Calli Collective out of a passion for travel and fashion from all over the world, but our enduring commitment is fueled by the impact we create through our business operations,” they share. Erika and Ky started their business with just the two of them and their partner Nanay sewers who helped bring their brilliant ideas to life.

Calli was created to “become everyone’s fashion-ally and provide them with the best timeless pieces that they can enjoy for a lifetime.”

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Photo courtesy of Calli Collective

One look at their pieces and I instantly fell in love.

One of Calli’s remarkable collections is the Flowe Collection which is a collaboration with local artist Faye Pamintuan. This collection features gorgeous and elegant dresses that are literally wearable works of art. The beautiful and unique design of the Faye dress (PHP 2,450) also makes it perfect for any occasion—from Sunday grocery runs to the next garden wedding you’re attending.

Another collection I loved from Calli is their Siesta Collection which pretty much encapsulates what it means (and looks like) to be living in a tropical country.

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Photo courtesy of Calli Collective

The Siesta Collection includes the adorable and stylish Poppy dress (PHP 1,850) that will make you stand out even in the most mundane settings; and the Siesta Set (PHP 2,750) which features the versatile Piper Multiway Top (PHP 1,550) and the flowy Daze Skirt (PHP 1,650). It’s the perfect wardrobe staple set for breezy summer days.

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Photo courtesy of Calli Collective

I also love how Calli has a wide variety of simple and sophisticated pieces that will probably be your new favorite wardrobe staples. You’re sure to find stylish tops from Calli Collective perfect for any occasion—you’ll find one for every single day for sure!

I particularly love the Milan top (PHP 1,200) (it also comes in a set) which features puffed sleeves and a sweetheart neckline, combining modernity and high fashion with the classic “Dalagang Filipina” look.

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Photo courtesy of Calli Collective

Calli Collective is steadfast in its mission to create pieces for every Filipina, also “thoroughly understanding different body types and what suits them best.”

“We aim to become everyone’s fashion-ally and provide them with the best timeless pieces they can enjoy for a lifetime,” says Erika Chan.

Of course, aside from the beautiful and sophisticated designs of Calli Collective’s pieces, the exquisite quality of the clothes is also what makes this brand a huge success.

Calli Collective takes pride in their partner ‘nanays’ and sewers who carefully handcraft every piece that is released by the brand. Of course, supporting a local fashion brand like Calli Collective means supporting their partner ‘nanays’, sewers, local handcrafters, and artists!

With this support, Calli Collective will, in turn, continue to create “unique and thoughtfully-made pieces for all.” Soon, your wardrobe just might be filled with pieces from Calli Collective.

Calli Collective

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