8 Summer Skincare Essentials You Should Add to Your Cart Now

The humid weather we endure in the Philippines can already be harsh on the skin, but with the extreme heat that summer brings, we all need the extra protection we can get. Looking for effective skincare products that can help protect your skin from getting damaged by the summer sun? Here are some summer skincare essentials you can get from Lazada:

8. SPF 50 Sunblock

nivea sunblock

Photo from Lazada

We start with the most basic skincare essential you need for Philippine summers: sunblock. Nivea’s Sun Protect & Moisture Lotion offers long-lasting moisture and protection that leaves a comfortable water-resistant and non-sticky finish—perfect for your upcoming beach trip. Buy Nivea’s Sun Protect & Moisture Lotion here!

7. Sun Gel Primer

happy skin primer

Photo from Lazada

This Invisible Sun Gel Primer from Happy Skin is a hybrid sunscreen-primer duo that protects skin from the harmful effects of sun and screen exposure. It’s transparent and incredibly lightweight, making it a breeze to put on for whole-day protection and to prep skin for makeup. Buy Happy Skin’s Invisible Sun Gel Primer here!

6. Hydration Kit

celeteque travel

Photo from Lazada

If you’re planning any beach trips anytime soon, this Hydration Travel Kit from Celeteque is a must-have in your baggage. This kit includes hydrating facial wash, moisturizer, and toner, all packaged in travel-sized bottles. Buy Celeteque’s Hydration Travel Kit here!

5. HydrationFacial Wash

celeteque facial

Photo from Lazada

Going back to the office soon? You’ll need a facial wash that can effectively cleanse your skin of all the dirt you can get from commuting and traveling. Celeteque’s Hydration Facial Wash has mild cleansing agents that won’t dry your skin, plus it features a Natural Moisturizing Factor that restores the skin’s proper moisture balance. Buy Celeteque’s Hydration Facial Wash here!

4. Moisturizer

celeteque moisturizer

Photo from Lazada

Don’t let the harsh sun dry out your skin. Having an effective moisturizer is even more essential to your skincare routine this summer. This anti-aging moisturizer from Celeteque also helps maintain the skin’s elasticity for soft and supple skin. Buy Celeteque’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer here!

3. Oil Control Sheets

happyskin oil control

Photo from Lazada

When you’re always out and about, going to events, and meeting new people, you can never go wrong with having these oil control sheets in your bag at all times. These sheets provide a quick fix to instantly absorb excess oil & shine and help mattify the skin without disturbing your makeup. The mega-sized sheet gives maximum oil-absorbing mileage while remaining portable and practical. Buy Happy Skin’s Oil Control Sheets here!

2. UV Sunscreen

anessa sunscreen

Photo from Lazada

ANESSA’s UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk is formulated with Triple Defense Technology, making it effective protection against the harsh rays of the sun. It’s also sweat-resistant and water-resistant, so you can be sure that it stays on even after a long day under the sun. This sunscreen also provides a light milky finish and a non-sticky feel. Buy ANESSA’s UV Sunscreen here!

1. Day Cream

garnier daycream

Photo from Lazada

Garnier’s Sakura White Day Cream moisturizes, smoothens, and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Enriched with Japanese Sakura, this day cream is well known to brighten, soften, and smoothen skin, all while providing the sun protection you need with SPF 30. Buy Garnier’s Sakura Day Cream here!

What are your must-have summer skincare products? Share them with us!

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