California’s “Some Pig”: Eva’s Lechon

Who’s up for some hot and crispy bites?! Filipinos love to indulge in their very own home-made buffets during gatherings, laughing and having a good time with family, peers and kin. It is a time where counting calories are nothing but a myth, with the presence of irresistible indulgences of Filipino dishes such as kaldereta, sisig, lumpiang gulay, kare-kare, pancit bihon, and the cherry on top of the feast – no other than the infamous roasted pig, the lechon!


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Eva’s Lechon, located in Los Angeles, California, is sure to satisfy grumbling stomachs who’ll be up for a fest of moist and hot roasted pig! Cooked to the perfection of the traditional Filipino way, the crispy lechon skin has yet to see how warm and juicy it is inside. The 4-foot long lechon, with a final touch of an apple in its mouth, is sure to be able to feed a hungry tribe at a very affordable price, as well! Filipinos in the area are bound to miss home while foreigners will get a taste of the Philippines with a single bite of a tender piece from heaven. That’s not all; the mouth-watering dish can also be delivered for your convenience! 


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This one of a kind lechon is a dish you’re going to remember for Eva! 😉 Happy Eating! 

Eva’s Lechon & Deli

4252 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020, United States

Phone: +1 213-383-3179 

Open from Monday to Sunday, 11AM – 4PM



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