Cafe-te-ria Mountain Coffee: From Sagada and Kalinga To Your Table

Cafeteria Mountain Coffee

Coffee – an important and popular pick-me-up that millions cannot survive without. Drinking coffee has become not just an integral part of our daily morning routine, but also a drink for leisure and status, especially among the hip crowd that religiously collects coffee planners during this season. Why not support our farmers and the local coffee industry then? Here is where Cafe-te-ria Mountain Coffee comes in.

Cafeteria Mountain Coffee

Cafe-te-ria Mountain Coffee is a family-owned business that started back in 2014 with the aim to market local coffee beans to their customers’ doorsteps. This doesn’t just ensure the coffee’s freshness and quality, but also ensures that local farmers sustain their livelihood. The coffee industry started in our country as far back as 1370 when a Japanese Franciscan Friar planted the first coffee tree in Lipa, Batangas, and the Philippines was one of the largest exporter of coffee in the world. Sadly, there was a decline back in the 1950’s, though.

Empowering our local farmers by bringing their livelihood to the market and by educating them with modern-day farming techniques along with their experience and method, our rich Philippine mountain soil, and with the help of Cafe-te-ria Mountain Coffee; our local coffee industry could become great again.

Cafeteria Mountain Coffee

I’ve been a coffee drinker since an early age after my first sip of imported hazelnut coffee a couple of decades ago. I am by no means an expert, but I do love my coffee and started exploring our local coffee years ago. What Cafe-te-ria has here is something special. Their original blend, the e, has a robust taste, fruity aroma, and a chocolatey aftertaste to it.

Two spoonfuls of the ground Palma beans, a cup of hot water, and a couple of minutes in the French press is a recipe for that perfect cup! The good news is that it only costs Php330 for a 225g pack!

Cafeteria Mountain Coffee

There are a lot of coffee blends to chose from at Cafe-te-ria with prices ranging from Php149 to Php400, and if you cannot make up your mind about what to try, there is a starter pack for you try all 6 blends in their own individual packs for only Php200!

For that inner coffee lover in you, check out what Cafe-te-ria has to offer. Filipino coffee is definitely here to stay and grow!

By the way, 1 lucky reader will receive 3 starter packs to enjoy!

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Cafe-te-ria Mountain Coffee


Website: www.cafeteriacoffee.ph

Instagram: @cafeteriacofee_ph