Cafe Nenzo: Enjoy Healthy Meals in Manila!

We already featured Cafe Nenzo earlier this year for serving healthy and hearty meals in Bulacan. Here’s the great news, guys: you can now drop by Cafe Nenzo in Manila, too. Yes, they opened a new branch in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, so you can try some of their dishes there if Bulacan is too far away for you.


Eat at Cafe Nenzo Tomas Morato #SquadGoals

Here’s a fun fact for Café Nenzo: One of the co-owners of the resto is a nutritionist. Ms. Ann Abacan is an advocate of healthy eating. You could really feel this in the atmosphere that Café Nezo creates. From the positive messages framed in the walls, to the healthy menu items and even some health products you can avail at the restaurant. She told us that she wants customers have healthier alternatives when they dine at their place.


Same positive ambiance as in Bulacan

Here are some of the dishes you can try at Cafe Nenzo, Tomas Morato:


Nacho Grande – Php150

Here’s a great starter that you can share with your family or friends: the Nacho Grande – crispy multi-colored nachos served with Mexican ground beef, tomato salsa cheese sauce and creamy garlic sauce.


Buffalo Wings (6 pcs) – Php225

They also serve buffalo wings, but with a twist. Buffalo wings usually have a coating of hot sauce and butter, but Cafe Nenzo uses chili oil instead. This makes the wings look golden to a crisp and gives them a great spicy kick. These savory wings are served with their house blended sour cream.

Try out one of their rolled pizzas, as well – oven-baked, hand-tossed pizzas with toppings of your choice and served with lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, and tomatoes.



Junior Size Rolled Pizza (for 2-3 persons) – Php265

That night, we tried out their Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. This pizza is topped with cream sauce, cheese sauce, roast beef, mushroom, onion, shallots, shoestring potatoes, and two kinds of cheeses – a real treat for your barkada while chilling out at their resto.

Pizza pro-tip: Roll your pizza up with tomatoes, lettuce and alfalfa. Here’s how it should look:


If you want rice meals, try their Salisbury Steak.


Salisbury Steak – Php155

Cafe Nenzo‘s Salisbury Steak consists of a juicy beef burger with rich mushroom sauce served with garlic rice and mashed potatoes. Their patty is heavy and you’ll definitely love their creamy mashed potatoes. You’ll be getting a great deal out of your bucks for this meal.

Are you a vegetarian? If so, Cafe Nenzo has some meals available for you, as well.


This is vegetarian?!

Here’s their Veggie Arroz Ala Cubana. Yes, it looks like meat, but its not.

The veggie ala cubana is made from ground tofu and wheat protein. It is served with saba and fried egg (optional).


Veggie Arroz Ala Cubana – Php 150

Here’s a real surprise: a fish dish that’s vegetarian – the Veggie Tuna Adobo sa Gata. It’s veggie tuna served with adobo with coconut cream sauce, kangkong, and steamed rice.


This is not fish? Smells fishy…

The tuna is made from soya and is shaped to resemble a slice of fish. Try flaking it and you can mistake it for actual fish. To top things off, they used nori (seaweed) to act as the skin of the fish.


Veggine Tuna Adobo sa Gata – Php195

We’re not done yet! Don’t miss their uber delicious desserts and drinks on the next page!