Cafe Churro: For the Love of Churros

We asked the folks at Cafe Churro, “Why churros?” Their gave us this answer — simply for the love of churros!

If you’re a minimalist looking for a nice haven from the scorching heat in Dapitan, you’ll like Cafe Churro‘s ambience and black and white interior. Just take a little walk inside Antonio St.

in Dapitan across University of Santo Tomas and you’ll find this cafe, which is open from 10 AM to 10 PM at 1246 Antonio Street, Sampaloc, Manila.



Our team decided to drop by this new coffee shop in Antonio and have a taste of their churros between university deadlines. They recently had their soft opening in Ortigas, too, by the way! Here are our coffee points: (special thanks to brand and visual designer Kimmy Lee; photographers LK Doble and Alyssa Iringan; and WIMtern Alvin Nelson Cheng for gathering our thoughts.)



FAVORITES: Yogurt and Matcha/Green Tea Smoothie to balance out their Red Velvet Churros

Think beaches with sunsets kissing the ocean. These drinks will melt your average bustling millennial’s heart.

At first, I was wary of the idea of having fried churros during a break since my blockmates and I would often sneak in minutes to Dapitan to photocopy readings. I used to think churros were a heavy choice for the afternoon. However, the sourness of the yogurt turned out to be the perfect balance to churros. This quality is in the heart of their menu. (Gluten-free yogurts are a priority!)



HIGHLIGHTS: White Chocolate Velvet, Black Chocolate Velvet, Cinnamon-Flavored Churros, and Classic Churros with Caramel Dip

The white chocolate velvet and dark chocolate velvet are stand-outs! Alyssa and I loved the white one best, while Alvin liked the dark one. The trip was super sulit because of how affordable the price was for the amount of churros that we got. We even got to take home more.




The saccharine taste from churros with the coconut topping may be a hit or miss depending on your preference. (If you’re okay with the sweetness overpowering the churros, this might not be a problem for you.)

churros-12FRESH: Mango Sundae to go with your churros

Their mango sundae is something else!! It is luscious and fresh, and you can taste the care given to the flavor. Recommended for the health-conscious, too.



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