Cafe Churro: For the Love of Churros

For the macchiato, we wish the team could make it less bland. Still, we loved the other drinks! Compared to other coffee shops in Dapitan, their drinks are perfect for winding down in contrast to the energy-oriented coffee found in other places in the area.

We wish the space could be bigger, too, to give it a spacier feel for the students. Hopefully, they’ll have more branches in the future. Considering this is the owners’ first foray into food, they are off to a good start. What we love most about the place, though, is how customer-oriented it is.
The lettering adds a cute touch to the relaxing vibe of the coffee shop.
Their choice of lights gives a cozy vibe, too – a good combination of music and lights can go a long way.
We look forward to coming back, Cafe Churro!

Cafe Churro

1246 Antonio Street, Sampaloc, Manila

Open 10 AM to 10 PM

(02) 243 0117


Instagram / Twitter: @cafechurroph


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