Cactus Mac BBQ: Wagyu Beef Brisket Delivered to Your Doorstep

We’re already accustomed to having food delivered straight to our homes. But these kinds of food are limited to pizza or fast food. Fancier cravings like wagyu beef often require us to book restaurant reservations and drive to the restaurant. Newcomer Cactus Mac BBQ is changing all of that.

Cactus Mac BBQ serves grade A4 wagyu beef brisket that is slow-smoked in their custom-made smoker for twelve hours! They use only premium materials and ingredients. What’s more–you don’t have to brave the Metro Manila traffic whenever you crave for wagyu. They deliver your orders right to your doorstep.

Even though it’s a relatively new business, it’s gotten five-star reviews from its repeat customers. Their clients often rave about how the beef melts in your mouth, and how flavorful the meat is. (Not surprising, considering it was slow-smoked for twelve hours!) Customers were also pleasantly surprised with the sauce that came with the wagyu beef.

One customer wrote,

Probably the best briskets i have ever tasted. Ordered 250g just to give it a spin and was so surprised that it was all gone in just a few minutes! Definitely a slice of heaven and u just have to give it a try. Can’t believe we have something this good locally. This deserves more than a 5 star. Keep it up!

Another customer wrote,

So out of curiousity I ordered 250grams worth of brisket. I never really send out reviews but Cactus Mac deserves this 5 star rating. I ordered wagyu beef but instead I got thin slices of heaven. They also give you the special BBQ sauce and it too deserves it’s ‘special-ness’. All in all it was a great experience, great flavour and texture! Almost melts in your mouth. I thought the best brisket was in Texas, but Cactus Mac made it better! Great job and expect to see my name on your order list more often!

During an event with, we tried the wagyu beef brisket from Cactus Mac. It was really convenient how they delivered the food to the event venue. The organizers didn’t have to worry about going to the restaurant and taking out our orders. We were able to fully focus on the program of the event. Our guests enjoyed it, too! By the time we got utensils, people were more than halfway through with our orders!

If you’re curious about the prices and how to order, here’s the menu. 

You can contact them by phone or by sending them a Facebook message.

Cactus Mac BBQ

0936 955 1566

Facebook Messenger: @cactusmacbbq


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