Buy a Cute Motivational Tumbler and a Frontliner Will Get One, Too

Tumblers are an absolute necessity nowadays. Whether you want to do your part for the environment or simply want to remember to stay hydrated throughout the day, practically everyone has at least one tumbler at their disposal.

If you are looking for a cute tumbler that will motivate you during these trying times, check out these cute motivational tumblers from Thermos:

Thermos 2

Thermos has been the pioneer of insulated water tumblers in the world since its inception in 1904. In fact, many people use the term “thermos” when referring to a water bottle. They don’t just make tumblers, either. They also offer other trusted quality innovative products like food containers that promote a safe and healthy lifestyle.

As with most businesses, Thermos has struggled during the pandemic, especially since schools, gyms, and offices – places where tumblers and lunch sets are mostly used – have been closed. “We really needed to find more creative and relevant ways to sell for the main reason of sustaining our employees throughout this pandemic,” they share.

With this as their primary reason, it really isn’t surprising that they came up with a campaign that puts the most important people of the pandemic in the forefront: our frontliners.

Thermos Lazada

The Push as One campaign was launched after hearing stories of the community feeling lost and unmotivated because of the uncertainties brought about by this extended pandemic. “On top of that, we’ve also been seeing the struggles of the frontliners who have to risk their lives day after day to serve the people in need,” they add.

Because of this reality, the Thermos team brainstormed on how they could use their brand and their products to uplift the general community through their motivational quotes while making sure that our frontliners feel that they are continuously valued and appreciated for the dedication and care that they show their patients.

Thermos 1

These motivational tumblers are part of Thermos’ One-Push tumblers line, which is one of the unique features of their insulated tumblers. Through the Push as One campaign, they hope to encourage people to push forward together so that as one nation, we will be able to get through these trying times.

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For every Thermos motivational tumbler purchased, the brand will be donating one Thermos tumbler that  says “Thank You Frontline Heroes!” to the nurses of Philippine General Hospital.

Thermos Thank you Frontline Hero

You may choose from any of the following motivational quotes:

Buy a Thermos motivational tumbler on Lazada Mall today.

The Thermos Push as One campaign will run from October 10 to November 30, 2021.

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