Butterscotch Bars Meet Chocolate Chip in This Online Bakeshop

Words by: Oriana Cuenca

Photos by Gwyneth Sy

The ber-months are upon us and with them come an endless stream of potlucks. There will always be the crowd favorites like spaghetti and barbecue, but after the heavy meals are done, everyone will be searching for something sweet. While kakanin will forever remain a classic choice, sometimes there just needs to be something new.

Share something sweet with those who have made your life sweeter with these Chocolate-chip Bars from Marga’s Bakery. What started as a hobby turned into gifts for family and friends. The overwhelmingly positive feedback lead to a thriving online business with two signature flavors: Chocolate Chip Bars and Revel Bars.

The chocolate chip bars have a butterscotch base that’s surprisingly light. The base is loaded with chocolate chips all throughout the bar, but the finished product is not bland or overly sweet.

The bars are just sweet enough to be satisfying but not overwhelming. These chocolate chip bars have a simple and straightforward flavor perfect for your next at-home family gathering. Even those weary of sweet things will not hesitate as much to take a bite.

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Choco chip bars

Chocolate-chip bars form Marga’s Bakeshop

For something a little more decadent, these Revel Bars are filled with fudgy chocolate on an oatmeal bar. The bars are perfectly sweet and chewy. The chocolate ganache is sandwiched between the two layers of oatmeal cookie dough, so the chocolate marbles through the bar and covers the oatmeal base.

Even with oatmeal as the main ingredient, these revel bars are from a “diet version” of brownies. Revel bars are just as indulgent as their brownie counterparts, but the oatmeal crumble on top makes for a nice contrast to the chewiness that brownies don’t have. While the origin of the name was never confirmed, these bars are definitely ready for your next revelry.

Revel bars

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Revel Bars

Want the best of both worlds? Marga’s Oven offers mixed boxes with both Revel Bars and Chocolate Chip bars. The Chocolate Chip bars make a great contrast to the rich flavors of the Revel Bar, so you won’t be overwhelmed even if you eat one after the other.

boxed goodies1

Combination Boxes

With or without a sweet tooth, Marga’s Oven’s Chocolate Chip bars and Revel Bars will have everyone leaving room for dessert.

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