Butterfly Dreams: The Reason I Love Staying in Bed

Butterfly Dreams: The Reason I Love Staying in Bed

When in Manila, I can forget about staycations in hotels and just stay in my bedroom, and enjoy the loving wings of the butterfly that is hugging me every night. 

No. I am not waking up everyday with a handsome guy named Butterfly welcoming me with breakfast in bed (that is a nice thought, though!); but I am waking up each day in nice, soft, and luscious bed sheets by Butterfly Dreams Luxury Bed Linens

I have to confess that I love staying in hotels because of the different sleeping experience the smooth bed linens and soft pillowcases give the guests. Most of the time, the dreamy bed will pull your energy back to dream land – you oftentimes just want to stay in your room and forget about exploring the city.

The good news is: you can bring home the same dreamy experience at home no matter how small your place is. Butterfly Dreams is like a dream come true and its luscious linens will embrace you at  night.

 Butterfly Dreams linen in Honey Beige


I let Butterfly Dreams be my night companion and we make such good bed experiences. Oftentimes, I just find myself singing “I never want to leave this bed..”. 

Butterfly Dreams uses micro denier fiber which is very fine and gives the cloth a unique softness. 

I got the very feminine and light, Strawberry Shake set which is part of the Butterfly Dreams Kids Collection.  The color is yet to be released, together with the Island Blue set for the boys. I was lucky to have connected with the very accommodating people from Butterfly Dreams, and they gladly customized a double sized bed sheet for me! (sizes for these designs are Single/Twin and Double).  


Butterfly Dreams ships within Metro Manila, and I got my package – which is neatly packed in reusable bag.  The Strawberry Shake set  is just perfect in my pink room. I love how simple and classic the design is, even if it is from the kids’ collection. No fancy characters, crowded design and too much colors. It is simply elegant. 

butterfly dreams when in manila12

A great bed linen is an investment and the only way to find out if this set is worth its price is by checking the material and the make. I feel that I have mastered the art of checking the stitches, and overlays of clothes, bags and sheets that we buy – thank you to my mom who is a dressmaker who will not accept anything below her standards. 

We don’t want to get too excited (and blinded) over the soft, smooth and velvety cloth of the bed sheet. We made a quick check on the other side of the cloth, and we found that the stitches are consistent and polished. 

butterfly dreams when in manila85

We love that the bed sheet has garterized hem which make bed-making easier. We know how kids can be such riots in bed, and the garterized hems are perfect for keeping the bed sheet in place. 

butterfly dreams when in manila84

The pillowcases are made of the same cloth material that completes the bed experience. We love the double stitches that make a good design. 

butterfly dreams when in manila83

The polka dot printed pillow cases can be purchased as an add-on to the set.



The invisible zipper is perfect to keep the pillow secured in the case. Good for pillow fights!

butterfly dreams when in manila81

butterfly dreams when in manila82

Why I love Butterfly Dreams Bed Linens

It seems that the cloth material plays with the weather. It feels warm and light during the cooler nights, and it keeps me comfortable during the warm days when the temperature suddenly rises. Despite the velvety texture, it never feels sticky and it doesn’t scratches my skin raw.

The Butterfly Dreams seems like a perfect bed companion for busy women and those living on their own. It can easily transform a dull room into something more elegant. The material is light, easy to wash and dry, and is stain resistant helping us conserve more energy and time. The secret is because of the micro fiber material used in every bed sheet.  What is more amazing is that Butterfly Dreams even donates a portion of its profit to the students in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

butterfly dreams when in manila23

How nice it is to sleep peacefully every night in a luxurious bed linen thinking that you are helping save the environment and helping support a charity! I love staying in my bed so much that it becomes my nest for blogging, reading books and dreaming my dreams.

butterfly dreams when in manila816

Butterfly Dreams Luxury Linens also make a good wedding gift for newly married couples and friends who just bought a new house or flat unit. Bed Sheet sets start at 75 USD – a very affordable price to pay for a good night sleep.

When in Manila, invest in good bed linen and share a gift of good night sleep with Butterfly Dreams Luxury Linens. 



Butterfly Dreams Luxury Linens


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Butterfly Dreams: The Reason I Love Staying in Bed


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