Burger Lovin’ at BRGR: The Burger Project (Best Burgers in Manila)

When in Manila and looking for the perfect burger that you can proudly say you had a hand in creating, then BRGR: The Burger Project is the perfect burger joint for you.

I thought it was genius of them to name the place “The burger project” in an area called teacher’s village. I think I could come up with another joint that would incorporate some of the things that could remind us of school.

Say Spaghetti Seatwork or Fish Finals?…or on second thought, I’ll leave the naming of the shops to the experts, I’m not sure mine would reel in the customers.

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Before walking in, I noticed a huge sign on their door that said we serve 100% Angus beef, and well, they immediately had me there. You use the best meat on your burger, and it’s just bound to be a winner.


The place wasn’t packed when we first walked in around 7pm but after 30 mins, no vacant table was to  be found. And this was on a Tuesday night too, so for a weekday night, it pretty much seemed like business was doing really good.




Since we had to wait for another friend of ours to join us, I decided to try their buffalo wings and Brewed Iced Tea (which of course made me get up from my seat just now to brew myself some tea and make one brewed iced tea right here at home, I’m hoping the outcome will be as good). The buffalo wings was perfect with their own garlic sauce and it was gone in a matter of minutes (2 to be exact). Why I’m never ashamed to spill how quickly I can eat is still a mystery to me. But yes, it was that good. It was mildly spicy, tender and succulent.


When you go to the cashier, they will hand you a clipboard and a pen so you could fill out an order form which I thought of course wouldn’t be anything special but when my eyes scrolled down the form, I was getting more and more excited. I would have the liberty of choosing exactly what I wanted on my burger and I’d even get to name my special burger! And it doesn’t end there, if you don’t know how or where to start, you could choose from their designer burgers that all sound pretty darn good.



But I was here on a burger project…errr, on a burger mission, and that mission was to make my own perfect burger and I was not going to allow some deliciously sounding burgers get in the way of my plan. I looked down on my order from and started ticking the boxes and as each tick was made, the tummy grumbled.

It could not be helped. They all sounded so good. 100% angus beef on an oatmeal bun (my attempt at trying to keep my food healthy..which I would later on fail at), bleu cheese, bacon, jalapeno peppers, sun dried tomatoes, lettuce and garlic sauce. And what did I name my burger? Garlic scream dream. Clearly, naming burgers is not one of my strongest suits. I think I’ll stick to writing…and eating. My guy friend decided to name his sunny bacon and chilli burger and my other friend named hers crazy burger. Let me give yo a quick rundown on the items you could decide to have on your burger: Bleu Cheese, Mozzarella, Gruyere, Cheddar, bacon, chili con carne, guacamole, sauteed mixed mushrooms, canadian bacon, sun dried tomatoes, marinara sauce, garlic sauce, pesto, and the list just goes on and on. Already I’m thinking, what will I be putting on my burger when I come back to visit. Yeah, the order form alone was promising.




The burgers arrived within 15 minutes of ordering them and when they arrived, I felt like I was in burger heaven. Look at the size of these burgers. Look at the size of their burger patties too. Tell me you’re not drooling. We all were. We finally found burgers in the metro that makes me feel like we’re not teeny tiny people. Burgers with an oomph, burgers that will later on deserve a loud burp (hopefully not coming from myself), burgers that deserve to be called burgers.

Yes people, big juicy burgers have finally arrived in the metro, and there was nothing left to do but bite into them and find out if they were just as good as they looked.


Untitled-1 copy


The juicy verdict? You have won our hearts Burger Project. Yes, angus beef hook, oatmeal bun line and garlic sauce sinker. My friend literally left nothing on his plate and downed his burger in what I’m pretty sure was a minute. As for me and my other lady friend, we ate slowly but we immensely enjoyed our burger to the very last bite (that’s not to say I wanted to eat my burger faster but the norm dictates I be a lady and eat at a more lady like pace Winking smile)

Burger heaven is here and it is called The Burger Project. Will you ever see us again? You can certainly bet on it. So when in Manila  and hungry for some beefy juicy burgers, BRGR: The Burger Project won’t disappoint you I guarantee it!



BRGR: The Burger Project

122 Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village, QC

Tel no: 3517474

Open Daily 11am-12mn

Mobile  9155202266

Home 6323517474

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/brgr.burgerproject 

Burger Lovin’ at BRGR: The Burger Project (Best Burgers in Manila)