Building Happy Memories with Celebrity Nails’ Home Service

My home in Rizal province is one of the best places to chill. Just a few meters away from Laguna lake, the air is fresh. There’s a mango tree near the roof that bears luscious fruits all year round, a spacious garden with vegetables and orchids, a wooden swing set, and enough leg room for my furry white puppy to run around in.


But more than the place, I am astounded by the kindness of the people who live here.


One of the people who makes this humble abode a happy home is my mother in law, Mary. I did not grow up with her but she always tells me that she loves me in the same way that she loves her own children. As a daughter in law who has watched one too many soap opera plots, I was not really expecting this. Over the months that I got to know them more closely, all my fears from horror stories about mother in laws disappeared. There were still adjustments, naturally. But overall, she trumped the stereotype and defied the norms defining hostility as a staple between men’s mothers and wives. My very own mother has nothing but kind words and deep respect for her balae.


So when I learned that Celebrity Nails offers their convenient home service to both Metro Manila and Rizal residents, I decided to invite them to our humble home and give her a much-deserved pre-Mother’s Day pampering session. All her children were at the office, and we had this unique chance to bond. For once, it’s my turn to take care of her and Celebrity Nails truly helped make that happen.


The care that Celebrity Nails gave our hands and feet that lazy afternoon is somehow very similar to the care that mothers give to their children— unparalleled, done with a ferocious passion, and generally makes you feel right at home. Celebrity Nails staff members Abby and Rhen came from their headquarters in Marikina on a very sunny afternoon. These two are real troopers who braved the midday sun to ensure a high quality of satisfaction and service and had so much energy to engage us in interesting conversation.

Buiding-Happy-Memories-Celebrity-Nails-Home-Service-Mothers-Daughters-39 Buiding-Happy-Memories-Celebrity-Nails-Home-Service-Mothers-Daughters-4


Settled in the comforts of the bedroom, Mommy Mary and I watched their able hands as they quickly set up their tools on the floor. They even have their own portable water heater, lamp, and foldable chairs.


As they massaged our hands and feet and soaked it in warm water, they explained that they personally developed the organic products such as the strawberry salt scrub and the eucalyptus skin mask.

Buiding-Happy-Memories-Celebrity-Nails-Home-Service-Mothers-Daughters-40 Buiding-Happy-Memories-Celebrity-Nails-Home-Service-Mothers-Daughters-42

We also got to take our pick in their rich nail polish collection. I boldly chose red to paint over my poor nails which are often assaulted by a horrible nail biting habit.

Buiding-Happy-Memories-Celebrity-Nails-Home-Service-Mothers-Daughters-13 Buiding-Happy-Memories-Celebrity-Nails-Home-Service-Mothers-Daughters-18 Buiding-Happy-Memories-Celebrity-Nails-Home-Service-Mothers-Daughters-19

I also learned that they offer spa party packages with the following rates, and I am seriously considering booking them for future events:

celebrity-nails-price-list-1 celebrity-nails-price-list-2

They are willing to travel to homes even if they are just going to do a nail service for a single person. They provide an additional Php 100 discount for those who book during off peak hours (11am to 5pm on weekdays). Considering the convenience of being able to doze off during the massage in the comforts of my own home, the rates are pretty reasonable. It was so cozy that I struggled to stay awake and continue taking pictures of our experience. The smile on Mommy Mary’s face from their excellent service is priceless.


Just like my experience with my in laws, I can readily assure anyone that with Celebrity Nails, you are really in good and expert hands.

Celebrity Nails Home Service

serves customers in Metro Manila, Rizal, and Marikina from 11:00am to 11:00pm
0917-8332765 / (02)520-7332
Facebook: celebritynailsmetroeast
Instagram: celebritynailsrizal


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