Buffalo Bro’s Ribs and Wings: Maginhawa Street’s New Grill on the Block

There are a lot of food avenues and areas around Metro Manila for the adventurous foodie: Taft Avenue’s student-friendly budget restosBGC’s high-end choices, the southern foodie hub of BF Homes, and of course, everyone’s favorite Northern grub strip, Maginhawa Street!


A new addition to Maginhawa’s roster of restaurants and cafes is Buffalo Bro’s Ribs and Wings. Opening up shop just a few months ago, this quaint and simple resto is quickly firing up one hot plate after the next. If you’re rolling down Maginhawa Street, don’t dismiss this little grill house as just another cheap food thrill. Customers and loyal patrons have been buzzing about their selections, the crowd favorite being Buffalo Bro’s sweet ribs.

Without further ado, here are some of Buffalo Bro’s popular dishes.

Buffalo_Bros_11Holy Crap!!! | Php 180

Yes, that’s actually what this mammoth drink is called, aptly named after the reaction people make when this drink is served on their table. Simply put, it’s a root beer float that’s made for sharing for 3 or more people.

It’s no surprise that this is one of their bestsellers; you get the best value for your money, and hello? It’s a giant root beer float! How often do you see this?? It looks pretty simple, but it’s really good and quite affordable. Holy crap, indeed.

Buffalo_Bros_17Pizza Tacos | Php 130

Ready the napkins, kids. This one’s a bit messy, but really fun to eat. BB’s pizza tacos are a great way to whet your appetite, plus it’s really cheesy and crunchy. With a little bit of sauce on it, it doesn’t get soggy.

Buffalo_Bros_21Dennis the Menace’s Wings | Php 150

This dish is actually named after a friend of  John Reyes, Buffalo Bro’s chef, and not the popular mischief-maker cartoon character. These golden buttery wings are crispy, a bit spicy, and works well with the ranch sauce. The chicken is tender and juicy. Personally, this is my favorite Buffalo Bro’s appetizer.

Buffalo_Bros_23The Joint’s Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dip | Php 150

The joint’s wings has a great spicy sour sauce. It’s not as crispy like the Dennis the Menace wings, but this one’s just as packed with flavor and tender chicken meat.

Buffalo_Bros_25Good Old 1/3 lbs Burger | Php 140

The burger patty was absolutely juicy and thick. I gave the burger a slight squeeze and the juice just oozed down the lettuce like a magical mini-waterfall of good ol’ patty grease. The fries that came with it were crispy and just as chunky.

Buffalo_Bros_26Pulled Pork Burger | Php 140

This burger’s a bit spicy and tastes amazing. Though it has quite a lot of sauce, the cabbage wasn’t soggy. The fresh coleslaw was a good complement to the flavorful pork. Choice of sides for this dish: garlic mushroom, skin-on mashed potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, coleslaw, and mac n’ cheese.

Buffalo_Bros_27Sweet Meat Ribs | Php 200

I’m thinking they should rename this dish as “Holy Cow” because how much goodness can be packed into this beefy dish?? It has a simple presentation but wow, do these ribs pack a flavorful punch. The meat is tender and amazingly juicy. You can even bite the bones because they’re quite soft. These ribs are probably the best value for money in Manila, and its growing popularity in Maginhawa can attest to that.

Buffalo_Bros_35Beef Salpicao | Php 180

This is superb beef salpicao! Soft and tender meat with great garlic flavor. The sauce was tangy-sweet and with just the right amount, so it didn’t look like soupy salpicao.



Just a few weeks after first opening in March, Buffalo Bro’s has already received raving reviews from customers and a few other bloggers. I’m not at all surprised given the fact they dish out generous servings of their delicious food, at astonishingly budget-friendly prices. The Buffalo Bro’s crew were also really friendly and accommodating. Props for their service with a smile!

John Reyes, Buffalo Bro’s chef and managing partner, has one simple goal for each and every customer that walks into their restaurant: that they leave happy with a full and satisfied tummy. He’s planning to add more selections and dishes to the current menu, including some dessert options. Another long-term goal for John is to open up six more Buffalo Bro’s branches around Metro Manila.

Buffalo Bro’s doesn’t resort to too much fancy presentation. The taste of the dishes pretty much speak for themselves and man do the flavors speak delicious volumes. Also, I cannot stop raving about how affordable their food is!



45-B Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City
+63915 988 2342

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat – 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Sun – 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.