Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas Gives Us Their ‘Greatest Hits’ Served With Chili

There are some things you learn best in storm.

This night, it was this: the metro’s music scene is as vibrant as ever. Why? Because not even the weather could be more chilling than a good night with food, jazz, disco, soul and a whole lot more. Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas blew the audience away with their 70’s vibe. Pun intended.

Brass Pas 37

The Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas GREATEST “HITS” album was launched last August 26 at B – Side, The Collective, with Toni B. opening the night. Playing “Joker”, she captivated with mystery and spunk. “Come dance with the devil in the pale moonlight,” her toe-tapping melodies prod. Her bubbly personality was a great kickstart to the event.

Brass Pas 52

Sino-sino? SINOSIKAT? You’ve heard their songs since 2006. Vocalist Kat Agarrado sings she’s “taking her safety off” in her honest, soulful confession. (Random note: reminds me of that foreword by Ebe Dancel in a poetry book on how he views love like walking in the dark yet we walk blindly anyway.)

Brass Pas 9

Brass Pas 3

Brass Pas 8

Electronic rock group Pedicab wants you to step far away from the discoball in B-Side as they do their thing. You might get too carried away by their Mickey Mouse T-shirt-wearing vocalist Daddy Maps (Diego Mapa) flipping you off… “Ang swerte ko naman, ang malas mo naman / Ang swerte ko naman, ang malas mo naman.”

Brass Pas 10

Just Toni (Direk RA Rivera) on sampler and percussion.

Brass Pas 11

Pinoy Rock’s Renaissance man Sugar Raims (Raimund Marasigan) on synths!

Brass Pas 12

Brass Pas 15

Brass Pas 18

Brass Pas 19

Brass Pas 20

Brass Pas 24

Brass Pas 25

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