Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas Gives Us Their ‘Greatest Hits’ Served With Chili

The first track “Chilli Garlic Buttered Shrimp” is inspired by a dish by the band’s drummer and the song “Hot Jazz” is based on Hot Jazz chili garlic made by guitarist Kakoy Legaspi. When asked why it’s called ‘Greatest Hits,’ Roxy Modesto says it’s because their tracks are the greatest. This band keeps it simple without the drama; the title phrase “Chili Garlic Buttered Shrimp” is spun in different ways.

The rhythm section comprises of Wendel Garcia on drums and vocals, Francis De Veyra on bass (Musical Director), Nikki Cabardo on keyboards and Kakoy Legaspi on guitars. For the horn section, we’ve got Wowie Ansano on trumpet, Pards Tupas on trombone, Roxy Modesto on baritone saxophone, Joseph Cabanero on alto Saxophone, Jeric Sta. Ana on trumpet, JJ Pimpinio on vocals, and Mike Luis as resident guest singer. All are integral to each other during the sets, from the energizer opening outside B-Side towards the party indoors. They told us the songs mean something to each member as well.

Guess what was the biggest strength of this 10-piece, sometimes 11 to 12-piece band? REPETITION. Using repetition is a no-brainer, but their interpretation goes to strangely delicious places! With dishes for the first two songs. Lol.

Brass Pas 28

Brass Pas 29

Two points: they ask are we magka-ibigan or pampalipas-oras? Also, P-I-L-I-P-I-N-O, yes we are. Being patriotic was catchy again that night!

Brass Pas 31

Brass Pas 32

Brass Pas 33

Brass Pas 35

Brass Pas 36

Brass Pas 38
Brass Pas 39
Brass Pas 40
Brass Pas 41
Brass Pas 42
Brass Pas 43
Brass Pas 44
Brass Pas 45
Brass Pas 46
Brass Pas 47\ Brass Pas 51
Brass Pas 52

Brass Pas 53

Brass Pas 54

By the time B-Side was flooded again, the band capped off  with “Funky,” a collaboration with Bing Austria and a song written by Francis De Veyra for her daughter, Funky. So after taking a picture with Raimund Marasigan and catching some familiar faces in the crown, like Carlo Maraingan (percussions for Jensen and the Flips), we finally set for home.

Thanks for a brassy night, Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas!

Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas


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