Boracay Toilet Restaurant: Feast and Flush Your Diet

Don’t go “Ewww” on us just yet. Toilets and flushing may not exactly elicit your most gastronomic happy memories to date, but we guarantee that if you keep an open mind, this restaurant may just change your concept of food POOrfection for the better.



One of their former guests wrote on the freedom wall and described it as “the only toilet you come out FULL.”




And that is an understatement. All servings are mostly for sharing. If you are planning on a cheat day in the beautiful island of Boracay, then Boracay Toilet‘s offering is a wonderful feast for your eyes and for your tummy. Fresh from its launch last February, the restaurant is not exactly at the beachfront now, but more on the main road with a growing community of local regulars.



If you are coming from Station 1’s beachfront, this is the landmark where you will see a tiny road, enter and go straight until you hit the main road: 


Just keep walking straight until you see the protruding toilet case by the second floor window along Boracay Main Road.


Enter the tiny door at the right where more surprises await.