Boracay Toilet Restaurant: Feast and Flush Your Diet

Boracay Toilet: Rice Meals


Bag-UUng Rice for 3



This star-shaped bowl of rice is a must-try, especially if you are ordering the Kare-Kare. They are the perfect match, although it goes just as well with sisig and the other viands offered. It’s neither salty nor bland to the taste, and does not go overboard to kill the flavor of the main dishes it supports.


Solo Steamed Rice



Their regular rice has a pretty huge serving in a shape of you-know-what.


Boracay Toilet: Desserts


Utot Mo-ron



Naturally, after pigging out on the mains, we needed something sweet, so this chocolate-syrup dripping madness of a dessert was served to us.


Fried Halo-HaLOO


One of the interesting things about this halo halo is that the ube ice cream is on top and all the other famous halo halo ingredients are deep-fried and placed at the bottom of the plate. As such, you have to eat it fast as you can before it melts. The fusion of hot and cold tastes sooooo good.


Special Halo-HaLOO






If you dislike the strange hot and cold frenzy of the fried halo halo, you have the option of eating this huge bowl of special halo halo which can be shared by a group of 2 to 3 people.


Boracay Toilet: Drinks


Iced Tea




It’s 500 ml of iced tea goodness. A lot of guests are unable to finish it. I am a huge tea drinker, though, so I took it all in along with the rest of our gastronomic finds. (They also offer wine and soda.)


Boracay Toilet: Final Tips


1. You can order off the menu.

If there is something that you want that’s not on the menu, you can talk to Chef Marq to spice things up. You can either ask to make your food spicier, or add extra ingredients as long as it is available in the restaurant at the time of your visit. Chef Marq says he once made a customized pasta made of tomato and basil for a foreign vegeterian couple who did not want the meat.

2. Try Da Bomb Challenge.

Ask Chef Marq and Miss Mariel if they are offering “Da Bomb Challenge.” If you win, you can expect a surprise off-the-menu item from the chef’s secret notebook!




3. Share your suggestions.

The team is open to suggestions, so if you have culinary requests for your next visit, feel free to tell them. Who knows? You might just get a toilet-inspired meal named after you!

4. Wear loose clothing

When on this major food trip, wear loose-fitting clothes, so your tummy can expand to its heart’s content and you won’t have any hideous stretch marks to hold you back! 😉 


Boracay Toilet Restaurant

Facebook: Boracay-Toilet
0915-3110736 (c/o Mariel)
Boracay Main Road, Boracay Island, Aklan


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