Bondi Lifestyle: Chic Beach Towels for your Next Weekend Getaway!

Who says summer is over? In the Philippines, it’s beach season all year round — pun intended. Known globally as a beach lover’s paradise and home to the most scenic and pristine beaches, beach essentials are a must-have in every girl’s closet.

Packing for a weekend in the beach is a breeze. Staples include your latest bikinis, flip-flops, tank tops, skimpy shorts, cover-ups, and your favorite sunscreen. But, what most people don’t often invest in is a trusty beach mat/towel.


Pestemal Towels (Php 1200)

Bondi Lifestyle: Chic Beach Towels for your Next Weekend Getaway!

There are a variety of versatile and comfortable beach mats and towels in the market but what Bondi offers is a mix of stylish yet functional towels that’ll surely find their way into every future vacation photo and Selfie you’ll have.

Bondi is a Filipino owned lifestyle brand founded in 2015. It started with the passion of bringing in quality and stylish products that will fit the Filipino coastal lifestyle. Bondi currently carries the Intstagram-famous Round Beach Towels and Turkish “Pestemal” Towels.


Bondi Lifestyle Towels


Bondi Lifestyle Towels


You’ve seen them in the different blogs and Instagram accounts of the most fashionable women of our generation. Stylish personalities like Laureen Uy, Maggie Wilson, and Lissa Kahayon have been photographed playfully lounging under the sun with their equally chic #roundies. When I saw them, I fell in love instantly. It’s an innovative product that’ll makes your next beach trips a bit more  stylish and picture perfect.



The Saavi Round Towel (Php 2500)

Created by the makers of the original round towel, The Beach People, Bondi towels posses the same intricate designs and quality craftsmanship, which come in four very lovely designs. The Saavi, is Aztec inspired is perfect for the Boho beach babe. The Zia showcases geometrical patterns in a psychedelic affair. The Malti takes on a gorgeous aqua tone, and the Kaira has an elegant paisley pattern and is the one used by the author in the photos.


Bondi Lifestyle Towels


Bondi Lifestyle Towels


Bondi Lifestyle Towels


Pestemal towels on the other hand are lightweight towels that are based the popular craftsmanship of the traditional Turkish bath towel. They are hand made and are fabricated with 100% cotton which becomes softer and more absorbent after every use. They come in a multitude of colors and patterns. They are versatile and can be used as a towel, beach mat, yoga mat, table runners, and even blankets!


The Malti Round Towel (Php 2500)

Ever since I got my Bondi towels, I have never gone to the beach without them. I loved how my #roundie served as additional thermal cover for our ridiculously cool hotel room. And when I took it to the beach, I found it to be as perfectly Instagrammable as I had imagined it to be. Because it’s a bit bulky and weighty, it does not deform easily under windy conditions, which makes it the perfect beach mat. And because its texture is similar to our everyday towels, it’s completely absorbent and makes me feel comfortable lying on it even when I’m drenched.


Bondi Lifestyle Towels


My green Pestemal towel is more “portable” and quick drying and is the perfect travel companion. Most hotels and resorts offer Beach towels, but for hygienic purposes I always prefer to bring my own. My lightweight Pestemal towel barely took up any space in my luggage, which is a huge deal for travelers. It also allowed me to do my practice on the beach without my bulky yoga mat.


Bondi Lifestyle Towels

The Zia Round Towel (Php 2500)

I would always have a sarong or a fancy printed towel my bag to serve as a multipurpose beach companion. But, these towels brought a whole new level to the ball game. As a certified beach baby and a sucker for pretty and functionality, I must say that it’s definitely worth the investment!

Bondi Lifestyle Towels


Bondi Lifestyle


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