Bohol Marathon 2012 – 3 Reasons To Go

The popularity of fun runs and road races are easy to see when in Manila. There are runs every Sunday, and sometimes there are several going on at the same time. The most popular road race destination when in Manila right now is obviously The Fort, or Bonifacio Global City, but many experienced runners have grown tired and bored of this repetitive route. The Bohol Marathon 2012 offers a completely new and exciting road race route for everyone, from newbie runners just beginning to lace up to elites needing a new challenge and a new view.


Bohol Marathon 2012 – 3 Reasons To Go


 The Vacation

Bohol Marathon 2012 is happening on September 9, 2012 and will be held at Panglao Island Bohol. Since the road race is on a Sunday, one could easily leave on either a Friday night or Saturday morning, setting up a perfect and picturesque weekend for you. From Manila, a flight to Tagbilaran is readily available through most of our local airlines, and the tickets are very affordable. Bohol in September is also beautiful, with just the right amount of sun for the beach lover and definitely not too hot for those wishing to participate in the Bohol Marathon 2012. Just as a fantastic weekend getaway if nothing else, you should go to the Bohol Marathon 2012.



 The awarding ceremony at last year’s Bohol Marathon – check out the backdrop!



 Going all-out at the 3k gun start in last year’s Bohol Marathon 3k category!



The Location

The Bohol Marathon 2012, being in Bohol, takes you away from the usual problems of runners when in Manila; smoke and fog from cars and other vehicles, traffic getting to the gun start location (and maybe missing out on a good time!), and the boring and used-to-death routes of BGC, McKinley Hill, and Mall of Asia. You should go to the Bohol Marathon 2012 because it does not only offer a different scenery, but also because it’s a chance to have a much healthier run. As one of the biggest events anticipated by the people of Bohol, this run is most definitely going to be very fun, and also a chance to go on a quick weekend adventure and enjoy the sights, sounds, and local delicacies before and after the Bohol Marathon 2012. If you’re running, even better! There is no better excuse for carbo-loading than to try out the local fare!



 Still dark as the Bohol Marathon 2011 half-marathon runners get released.



 One of the costumed runners last year. Will there be cooler and wackier outfits in Bohol Marathon 2012? You should go and find out! 



The Run

The highlight of the Bohol Marathon 2012 is, of course, the run itself. The road race offers distances for people of all levels of fitness and health. There is a 5k run for casual and/or newbie runners who would want to spend more time having an adventure around the island of Panglao, and there is also a 21k or half-marathon for those looking for an extra challenge. The 42k or full-marathon runners would definitely have a great time as the Bohol Marathon 2012 offers them a very unique race route – a 360-degree route all around Panglao Island! It’s safe to say that most runners when in Manila have never experienced that! From that alone, it’s a great opportunity for anyone to participate in their first marathon. All the distances begin at the gorgeous Bohol Beach Club and the whole route is expected to be a feast for the senses. All the right reasons to go to the Bohol Marathon 2012! 



Running a marathon – more fun when barefoot! 



 Last year’s finish line, where many dreams were realized.



For registration information and general information, please Like the official Bohol Marathon 2012 Facebook page and visit the Bohol Marathon 2012 website.

Bohol Marathon 2012 – 3 Reasons To Go


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