Blocleaf Café in Malate is a Millennial Instagrammer’s Dream

Forget Makati and BGC, Manila is clearly having its moment. While Manila has been (and is still) riddled with its red light district and urban chaos, there’s a growing scene in the area, with the rise of independent businesses and startups that are bringing back the city’s soul.

Blocleaf Cafe 7

Blocleaf Cafe 11

One of these establishments is Blocleaf Café, a third wave coffee shop serving up local specialty coffee from Kalsada Coffee, sourced from regions such as Benguet and Sagada. Blocleaf is a wonderful addition to the growing number of creative establishments in the area, and to be honest, it looks like a dream to any Instagrammer looking to spruce up their feed.

Blocleaf Cafe 2

Blocleaf Cafe 5

Located within Hop Inn’s compound, Blocleaf is a charming, intimate space that immediately invites you in with its glass panels that allow you to see the activity indoors. Full of natural light, its design is beautifully minimalist, made cozier by the green plants and light wood from its furniture.

Blocleaf Cafe 1

Blocleaf Cafe 4

Blocleaf is the brainchild of Reymart Cerin, Vince Africa, Berylle Hong, and Bea Jalbuena. Reymart and Vince, in particular, are graphic designers behind the creative studio The Public School Manila in Escolta, who got into third wave coffee. The name Blocleaf is taken from “wood blocks” and “leaves”, representative of the duo’s aesthetic and is clearly seen in the space.

Blocleaf Cafe 10

Blocleaf Cafe 8

According to Reymart, Blocleaf was originally meant to be a design and furniture studio, that ended up becoming a coffee shop along the way. Now, it’s a neighborhood café that services an eclectic mix of customers: medical students looking for an ambient space, specialty coffee purveyors, as well as tourists and expats that learn about Philippine coffee through them.

Blocleaf Cafe 12

Blocleaf Cafe 16

For what it’s worth, Blocleaf serves up great coffee, as well as a well-thought-of menu that provides for interesting concoctions, filling sandwiches and pasta dishes, and desserts that hit the right spot.

Here are just some of the dishes we tried:


Blocleaf Cafe 13

Blocleaf’s specialty drink, it’s a wonderful mix of local ingredients such as their Benguet espresso and local tablea. It’s not as sweet as a drink as you would expect in other establishments, so those used to the more commercial kind may be taken aback. Yet if you like drinks where the real flavors shine through, this would be right up your alley.

Dirty Matcha Latte

Blocleaf Cafe 22

This latte is a mix of matcha and espresso, with the matcha providing a subtle, to the espresso.

Chai Tea Latte

Blocleaf Cafe 15

What’s nice about this chai latte is that the drink wasn’t overtly sweet. Real chai leaves were brewed instead of using concentrate, providing for a fuller flavor.

Thai Tea Latte

Blocleaf Cafe 14

Having been a fan of cha nom yen during my visit to Bangkok, I was pleasantly surprised with Blocleaf’s take on the drink.

Eggplant Parmigiana in Brioche

Blocleaf Cafe 17

The brioche bun’s buttery taste complemented the parmigiana well, adding a subtle richness to the tangy tomato sauce.

Longganisa Pasta

Blocleaf Cafe 18

The longganisa in this pasta dish was a great blend of sweet and smoky.

Tuyo Puttanesca

Blocleaf Cafe 19

This was a well-balanced dish, with the tangy and salty flavors blending together beautifully.


Blocleaf Cafe 21

The cakes and pastries at Blocleaf are all freshly baked and homemade by a friend. From different kinds of cakes such as ube cheesecake, carrot cake, and Chocnut cake to cookies, these sweets are a definite must-try at Blocleaf.

Blocleaf Cafe 20

Visit Blocleaf Café at Hop Inn, 1850 M. H. Del Pilar St, Malate, Manila.

Blocleaf Café

1850 M. H. Del Pilar St, Malate, Manila