BizNews Asia Allegedly Publishes a Magazine That Says: “Don’t Start (Business) In the Philippines”

Philippines Business

Source: Kowboy Santos’ Facebook Account

We already know that the Philippines is struggling with major things like Internet speed, infrastructure, corruption, poverty and candidates, who only go after the “perks of being a politician.” Notwithstanding, the scams we’re dealing with right now, like the laglag-bala scam (bullet planting).

According to the person who posted this photo on Facebook, this is legit and being sold in National Bookstore for P195. (pictured)

As seen on the cover of the book, it explains that starting a business in the Philippines is indeed ridiculous.


“The World Bank ranks the Philippines 95th in ease of doing business, 161st in starting a business, 124th in dealing with construction permits, 108th in registering property, 104th in getting credit, 127th in paying taxes, 124th in enforcing contracts, 65th in trading across borders, and 50th in resolving insolvency.”

Honestly, I showed this photo to my clients overseas and both said otherwise. For them, our country is emerging and they love how Filipinos work and surprised with the level of expertise. They, however, left a meaningful message to me: “The Philippines is a great country, people are loving and hospitable, and a great place to invest in. You are just not treated well [by the government] that’s why you do crazy stuff to accelerate your success. Whatever it takes.” 


What are your thoughts about this alleged book published by BizNews Asia?