WATCH: Super Awkward Interview Between Karen Davila and Alma Moreno

WATCH Super Awkward Interview Between Karen Davila and Alma Moreno


With the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) coming up next week, we seem to have forgotten that the national elections are coming up soon. As part of this historic event, journalists are already interviewing political aspirants on their platforms and plans once they win a seat.

An interview by respected journalist Karen Davila with actress-turned-senatorial candidate Alma Moreno was uploaded on YouTube and is making the rounds on social media for its awkwardness.

The interview starts innocent enough. Moreno talked about why she decided to run for senator, her qualifications, and the challenges of being a political aspirant as a former actress. Things become awkward when Davila asked Moreno her advocacy.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

Davila: If you won a Senate seat, what would be your advocacy in the Senate?

Moreno: More on sa kababaihan (women).

Davila: Like what?

Moreno: Boses ng kababaihan (the voice of women)… Magna Carta of Women…

Davila: But then the law exists already.

Moreno: Pero may mga bagay na di na-implement (There are things that have not yet been implemented).

Davila: Like what? I want to hear it.

Moreno: Teka muna (hold on).

Cue awkward laugh. When the talk turned to the Reproductive Health Law, it became really awkward. When asked if she supported the RH Law, Moreno hesitantly answered “yes.” Moreno said that she had some reservations, but couldn’t answer what those reservations were. When asked what her reservations were, Moreno simply answered: “Kailangan pa bang sagutin (Do I need to answer that)?” To which Davila replied: “Of course. You’re running for the Senate.”

Watch the interview below. The awkward part starts at the 9:40 mark:

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