LOOK: Bianca Gonzalez-Intal Irked By A Netizen’s Comment About “Pseudo Mothers”

TV Host, columnist and video blogger Bianca Gonzalez-Intal gave a netizen, who posted a comment about so-called “pseudo mothers”, a piece of her mind.

Gonzalez, as a millennial mom, was featured in the Mother’s Day special of “Leading Women”, a segment hosted by Angel Jacob on CNN Philippines, where she talked mostly about being a first-time mother to her daughter Lucia and the challenges she has experienced so far. It was posted as a Facebook live video on CNN Philippines’ page on Thursday evening (May 10).


Bianca Gonzalez-Intal called out a netizen’s comment about “pseudo mothers”. She is mom to Lucia, her daughter with basketball player JC Intal. [Screengrab from CNN Philippines’ video]

During the live video, a Facebook user named Rye (surname withheld) commented: “I hope you can feature “real mothers”. The ones that do real work as mothers and not these pseudo mothers who have 3-4 maids who does all the work of mothers for them”. 

Bianca, who must have felt alluded to, posted a reply: “Hi Rye. Care to tell me that to my face? I am definitely a real mother and not a pseudo mother as you accuse me of being. Yes we do have Ates to help us but that is because I also work.”

To which, the netizen replied back: “Bianca, did I mention you? I only said to also feature real mothers. You know the mothers in the streets…Why so defensive? I did not even accuse you. Wow!”

Bianca was not convinced by the netizen’s reply, she posted: ““Not these pseudo mothers” on this thread with me as guest, is not about me? Really now. If you share your opinion, at least own up to it.

Bianca is the author of the book “Paano Ba ‘To? How to Survive Growing Up”, which gives advice from different people about life, love, career, family, friends etc. She has since turned it into a video series or vlogs featuring mostly celebrities sharing tips on various topics such as dealing with negativity, moving on among others.

She also has her own vlogs hashtagged #mommydiaries where she shares tips on parenting. We won’t be surprised if Bianca would post a vlog on mom-shaming one of these days, a relevant and much-talked about social topic nowadays.

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