BEWARE: BPI Issues Statement Regarding New Online Phishing Scam

A lot of people have been receiving an email (You may read more about this here) from an alleged “BPI email” that says your credit card has been used maliciously or there has been suspected strange activity from your card. You will also receive a link to secure your account. It will show an information form that you will fill up your Bank information. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. This is a Phishing scam to get your bank information.

Please read through what BPI announced on their website:

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.32.42 PMIn text:

To all BPI Express Online users:

This is to inform you of the re-emergence of email phishing scams meant to prey on unsuspecting EOL users. Phishing e-mails are sent to trick targeted individuals into revealing personal and financial information.

Recently, some EOL users received an email that seemed to come from BPI Express Online. Clicking on the link directed users to a fake site that asked for several user information.

Please be informed that this is a phishing scam and that BPI Express Online will never ask its users to log in to their online accounts through embedded links nor secure personal and/or banking information via unsolicited emails.

While the BPI Express Online Team has already taken action regarding this phishing activity, we, nevertheless, would like to ask you to exercise caution in providing personal and financial information on suspicious sites and to check for signs of fraud.

If you receive a suspicious e-mail, immediately report it to the bank. Please send a copy of the e-mail you received to

We need to exercise necessary precaution so we may protect ourselves and our loved ones. Please be advised.

Did you also get a phishing email? What did you do?