Fake Emails: Be Careful When Giving Out Information Online

It’s crazy how many scams people are coming up with nowadays. Though an email from a “fake bank” isn’t really new, we thought to re-share this woman’s experience to warn everyone of this scam. The holidays are rolling in and more and more people are getting desperate for that extra cash.

Check out this story from Angela Mae:

BPI scam

Hello everyone. I contacted BPI to confirm if the email I received from “BPI Express Online” (support@bpi.com.ph) is a mandate by their bank but they confirmed that IT’S A SCAM and they are not sending anything to verify my credit card details! Good thing I didn’t do what the email asked but reported to BPI. Sharing you the screenshot of the email so you also will be aware of it. On a first look it seems real but I highlighted some parts on the email which I think suspicious. If you also received it and had a doubt, please call BPI and let them know. Ask them if it’s legit!

1. I’ve never received any email with a sender name “BPI Express Online”, Usually “expressonline”.
2. The date “1/1/70” – LOL I laughed at it.
3. Informations – oops it’s a mass noun, no need to put “S”
4. email address “support@bpi.com.ph” – I tried to search if this does exists in BPI website but it’s not. What I know is “expressonline@bpi.com.ph”
5. BPI Express Mobile Team? I never used a banking mobile app so I’m not sure
6. Reminder – I checked my previous emails from BPI and it’s different from what was posted. Fail.
7. There’s also a warning note from Google (highlighted in red)

It pays to be extra vigilant when giving out personal information. Has something like this ever happened to you?


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