Cake it or leave it: These 8 cakes will satisfy your sweet tooth

Cakes are a must-have when it comes to birthdays and special occasions, but I believe that any day is a good day for cake. Whether it’s an important milestone or even just to end the meal on a good note, I, as a sweet tooth, think that this sweet treat cakes the world a better place. Pun intended.

With all the bakeries reopening, and the small home-based businesses sprouting, there is no limit on how many brands I could choose from. While it’s wishful thinking to be able to try each and every one of them (my blood sugar would spike for sure!), I’ve rounded up a few promising ones that I’d like to share.

These 8 cakes will satisfy your sweet tooth

8. Mango Honey Cereal Cake from Cravings

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7 Cakes Cravings Mango Cereal Cake

Lately, I’ve seen my share of cereal milk cakes in social media, and being the ever-so curious foodie that I am, I wanted to try it. My first foray into this dessert comes from Cravings, a culinary center slash restaurant located in Katipunan. Using mangoes fresh from Bataan, this cake features a fluffy chiffon base, whipped cream and mangoes sandwiched in between and slathered on top. And as part of the finisher, sugary cornflakes adorn the sides.

To create this dessert, cereal is soaked in milk for some time before being drained. That way, the sugary flavors seep in. Said milk is then added into the batter to add a creamy touch. While some may not taste the difference, I did get subtle sweet and milky flavors— reminiscent of a childhood breakfast— in this Mango Honey Cereal Cake. And this, paired with the refreshing sweetness of the mangoes, was an overall treat.

As of writing, Cravings offers this cake for PHP 1,400.

7. Luscious Chocolate Cake by Good Bakes MNL

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7 Cakes The Good Bakes MNL Chocolate Cake

While chocolate cakes are a dime in a dozen, only a few cakes make the cut. At least, in my book, that is. I’ve been disappointed one too many times with dry and dense cakes that feel like a desert down my throat.

But not this time. This cake from Good Bakes really puts the word “luscious” in their chocolate cake. This tray features a rich chocolate ganache on top, for starters. And deep down lies a moist, chocolatey layer of cake. In every bite, you get a taste of decadent, chocolatey goodness that you’ll keep going back to— time and time again. Currently, Good Bakes offers their small tray for PHP 380, while the big tray goes for PHP 650.

6. Caramel Cake from Miss Flour

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7 Cakes Miss Flour Caramel Cake

Caramel Cake has been a mainstay in birthdays and celebrations. And more often than not, we would get ours from a certain shop in Quezon City. While my older relatives enjoyed that version, I’ve always found it to be too rich and cloying for my liking. But then, I discovered Miss Flour’s Caramel Cake, and dare I say that I am now a fan?

Located down South in Paranaque, Miss Flour’s caramel cake features a soft sponge cake that’s generously covered in caramel. And when I say spongy, I mean it. Miss Flour’s cake is porous and springy— and buttery, to boot. Now pair that with a caramel sauce that isn’t as sweet, but still with that roasted, sugary note, and you have a winning cake in your hands.

But wait, there’s more. Did you know that this cake, large as it is, is only PHP 850? It can feed a family of 5 or even more!

5. Decadent Chocolate Cake from A2Manila

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7 Cakes A2Manila Decadent Chocolate Cake

Another chocolate cake worth mentioning, the Decadent Chocolate Cake from A2Manila is a real treat. Made by two sisters who love to bake, this bestseller includes a moist chocolate base and a rich chocolate ganache on top. While seemingly straightforward, this “slice of chocolate heaven” is made with premium chocolates— a different level from the usual cakes.

While best enjoyed after reheating it in the microwave or oven (for maximum gooeyness), I prefer mine chilled because the chocolate layer on top thickens into a fudgy consistency— much like the center of a truffle. Now this, paired with a cup of your favorite tea, makes a lovely afternoon snack.

4. Apple Crumble from Belise

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7 Cakes Apple Crumble from Belise PH

When we’re talking about pies, I’d have to say that Apple Pie is one of my favorite variants. Especially the one made by Belise. There’s just something about the caramelly sweetness of the apples and the touch of cinnamon that makes it addicting. That and biting into the apple chunks for that resounding crunch is just. So. Satisfying.

While most pies feature a sheet of pastry on both top and bottom, I’m part of the faction who loves some streusel on top. This crumbly, buttery layer not only adds a rustic touch to the pie, but it also elevates the overall pie-eating experience. Currently, Belise offers its Apple Crumble in 5-inch tins, priced at PHP 670, or your choice of a 6-inch tin priced at PHP 750.

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And now, here are my top picks for yummy cakes that you ought to try:

3. Brazo de Mercedes from Good Bakes MNL

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7 Cakes The Good Bakes MNL Brazo de Mercedes

Aside from the indulgent chocolate cake from Good Bakes, the Brazo de Mercedes is a definite must-have. Layers of buttery graham crust make up the base, along with a creamy custard in the center, and the finisher— meringue to go on top.

When fresh out of the freezer, the overall consistency is much like an ice cream cake, but each layer has a different flavor profile and texture— from crumbly to soft, and finally, cloud-like. And what I love best about this treat? The buttery graham base, which adds a light saltiness. Perfect for offsetting the overall sweetness of the cake, that’s for sure.

Currently, the Good Bakes offers this in Original, Ube and Cheese, or Strawberry. The former sells for PHP 700, while both flavored variants go for PHP 850 apiece!

2. French Apple Cake from Lucci’s

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Luccis Cookies 1

Yes, I do love my apples— both pie and cake. And Lucci’s French Apple Cake is another must-have for parties (or snacking at home because really, what’s stopping you?). This affordable cake goes for PHP 450 and it’s worth every peso. Instead of the familiar pastry layer that you’d expect from an apple pie, this version features a soft, apple-infused cake that comes with a splash of rum. And let’s not forget the thin apple slices on top.

While the texture of the cake is spongy and soft, the taste is multi-dimensional. You get the sweetness of apple that mingles with notes of vanilla and rum. But the real finisher? I have to say that it’s the crunchy apple slices. It really adds some bite to the cake!

1. Caviar Cake from Belise PH

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7 Cakes Belise PH Caviar Cake

An outlier from all the sweetness yet deserving of the top spot nonetheless, I present to you the Caviar Pie of Belise. A fancy take that includes layers of cream cheese, onions, and tangy fish eggs on top, this pie is not meant to be eaten like a slice— rather, it is scooped out and smeared on crackers and toast. A classic old but gold (literally! Just check out that gold leaf) favorite, this pie is salty, creamy, and rich— with occasional bites of minced onions and some eggs in the mix.

This Caviar Pie will definitely be a hit in parties and celebrations, especially as an appetizer. Choose from a 5-inch tin (PHP1,300) or 6-inch tin (PHP 1,700), and trust me, either choice will last you a while. Unless of course, you’re that addicted to it.

Which cake should we try next? Let us know in the comments!

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