From the US to Manila with Love: This Apple Cake will be the Apple of Your Eye

I’m a firm believer that life is too short to say no to sweets. One, it bakes the world a better place. Pun intended. Two, it’s a perfect excuse for a sweet tooth such as myself to try out as many options as I can. And three… well, why not?

Too many clichés? It must be all that sugar. And I blame Lucci’s Cookies for that. In a good way, of course.

How It All Began

Lucci’s Cookies is a bakery based in Ontario, Florida. Established by a lovely lady named Daisy Domingo-Pagel, it first started out as a home-based business that expanded to Manila, thanks to her partners Patricia and Chef Paolo.

Initially, Daisy was baking cakes and cookies to be given as Christmas gifts. However, when her niece Lucci stole a few to bring to school, people started ordering. And boy, did those orders come in droves! This prompted Daisy not only to turn it into a business— one lovingly named after her niece— but also to do further product testing to make what she calls the “perfect cookie”.

And of course to study further and hone her craft.

Luccis Cookies 2

Before quarantine hit, Daisy was on her way to a baking and patisserie workshop in Paros, Spain. Since news of the lockdown was imminent, though, she immediately returned home to Florida.

While this put a pause on her lessons, the baking didn’t stop— even in their satellite branch over at Manila.

The Manila branch of Lucci’s Cookies is currentyl being managed by her niece and nephew Patricia and Chef Paolo. Along with their team of capable bakers, they have their hands full baking cake after cake – and for good reason, too! Not only are the baked offerings of Lucci’s Cookies made with quality ingredients; they come at affordable prices, too!

Of French Apple Cakes and Cookies

Luccis Cookies 1

French Apple Cake (Php450)

Where else can you find a cake under Php500 that isn’t homemade? Let me tell you: Lucci’s French Apple Cake exceeds expectations. I am actually really picky with apple pies because a lot of them have more dough than filling. Their apple cake is a good replacement for this. Instead of dough, you’ll get a soft, apple-infused cake that’s topped with thinly sliced apples. The texture is spongy and soft, but the real finisher? Crunchy apple slices for that added bite.

Luccis Cookies 4

Cookie Bars (Php450 for 6 pcs, Php900 for 12 pcs)

Cookies are everywhere, but a cookie bar? Now, that’s something new! These chocolate chip bars are much harder and hold their form better. Don’t be fooled, though. While each piece has a crumbly exterior, it yields a soft dough once you bite into it. And that’s not all. Each bite comes with chocolate chips, too! Yes, it has the perfect chocolate and dough ratio that keeps you going until you finish a bar (or two… or three!).

Luccis Cookies 3
Cookies (Php200 for 6 pcs or Php350 for 12 pcs at 25 grams each)

What would Lucci’s Cookies be without cookies, right? These soft bites may collapse the moment you hold them up; but presentation aside, each one is fully loaded with chocolate chips! The abundance of chocolate is something chocolate lovers such as myself will really enjoy, especially since their cookies are really sweet! I was able to try their Classic Choco Chip, Oatmeal Rum Raisin, and Deep Dark Chocolate Chip. Out of the three, I enjoyed the classic one. The OG flavor, so to speak.

To order from Lucci’s Cookies, send them a message on Facebook or Instagram. Oh, and make sure to regularly check back on the shop’s pages. According to Daisy, there will be more exciting cookies and pastries to come. I can’t wait to see what they have in store!

Know any other places with amazing apple cake?

Lucci’s Cookies


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