Beauty and the Beast (2017) is A Fresh Take On A Classic Film

Beauty and the Beast (2017): A Fresh Take On A Classic

This movie has been the hype for a couple of months now. With teasers spotted here and there, it’s no doubt it’s one of the most-awaited Disney classic re-make this 2017. People were also ecstatic as one of the most inspiring women in Hollywood, Emma Watson, is playing Belle. Now let’s see if it really is worth the hype.

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Beauty and the Beast is a classic tale of a prince who was turned to a beast after being placed under a spell because all he sees is external beauty. Then there’s this young woman named Belle who was considered by the town folks as odd. She is a woman who craves for adventure and wants more than the provincial life that she is living. When the two cross their paths, it was a story of love and learning to look beyond the external beauties.

Beauty and the Beast (2017): A Fresh Take On A Classic

Watching this film re-make was a true dream and it did not disappoint. It stayed true to its animation counterpart and the added scenes showed some back story about Belle. They also added something about Belle and in this re-make, wherein she was also an inventor, not just a bookworm.

And of course a Disney movie isn’t a Disney movie without its songs. Having to hear the classic songs from “Be Our Guest” to “Beauty and the Beast” will surely give all the nostalgic feels for true Disney fans. The film teaches everyone that one must look past external beauty and see that inner beauty is more important. Again, it goes well with the saying “never judge a book by its cover”.


The film was magical and what made it more incredible was the cinema. The state-of-the-art Venice Cineplex offered a more magical experience to the film. Their Cinemas 2 and 5 operate on Dolby Atmos System which offers film viewers an immersive experience while watching the movie. During the “Be Our Guest” musical part of the movie, it actually felt like I was in Disneyland singing along with Lumiére!

Beauty and the Beast (2017): A Fresh Take On A Classic

Their VIP Cinema is something to be excited about. It gives you that A-list treatment with reclining leather seats, butler service that will give you overflowing popcorn and drinks. And for added convenience, you can buy your movie tickets online at This theater is perfect for movie dates!

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Beauty and the Beast (2017): A Fresh Take On A Classic

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience a magical journey with Beauty and the Beast at Venice Cineplex!

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