5 Ways the Venice Cineplex at Venice Grand Canal Mall will Make That Movie Date One for the Books

Venice Grand Canal Mall is straight out of an Italian daydream. With the holidays just around the corner, taking a loved one on a stroll through its bright-colored exteriors, whilst posing by its ever-picturesque canals, with a gelato at hand sounds like a sure fire idea to keep romance and excitement in the air.

Now, just when you thought your newfound favorite mall had all you could want in a date place, its newly-launched Venice Cineplex is icing on the cake for when you want to unwind, while still feeling the luxury the mall exudes. Here’s why:


5. Butler service at a push of a button


A movie date isn’t complete without popcorn and drinks. The long lines to get some, however, can often feel like a chore. Venice Cineplex’s VIP Cinema understands the struggle — here, popcorn and drinks are easily available with a push of a button! Bid farewell to the low-key disappointment of being out of popcorn mid-movie, and imagine indulging yourselves to all the popcorn your tummy can take with a great film to match! This, my friends, is the dream.

4. The staff & personnel can speak Italian!


Buona Sera! Gustati il film!

A great fun fact about the cinema is that its personnel and staff make sure you still feel like you’re in Venice even when you’re at the movies. Apart from English and Filipino, the staff is also trained to speak in Italian! Now is the time to radiate your inner LizQuen and test how attentively you’ve been paying attention to Dolce Amore when it aired.

3. Comfortable, reclining leather seats

You know you’re being pampered when the seats recline. You can easily get comfortable in these cozy, reclining leather seats, which you can adjust to your preference! I mean — what better way to unwind than with your back well-rested, your feet up, with someone you care about enjoying the film right beside you?

2. Award-winning surround sound system


You won’t have to worry about noisy co-movie goers anymore because the cinema operates using the Dolby Atmos System, an award winning sound program created to give movie lovers the most innovative and immersive experience in film viewing, thanks to its multidimensional surround sound. Dolby Atmos creates dynamic audio with pinpoint clarity though 64 sound channels and by strategically placing speakers all around audiences.

1. The luxury of privacy


With all the pampering you get from the reclining seats, butler service, killer sound system, and all the leg room, the Venice Cineplex is able to create a little bubble of privacy that you can take delight in.

All the unnecessary noise, hassle of having to make room for passersby, and all the spilled popcorn are out of the way, and now, you and your loved one can finally get that much-deserved relaxation and alone time. A great way to cap off the night after a day in Venice, don’t you think?

For more information, please call the Venice Grand Canal Concierge at 624-1971, 09175129934 or send an email to veniceconcierge@megaworld-lifestyle.com.

For added convenience, movie goers can also buy their movie tickets to Venice Cineplex at www.blockbusterseats.com.